Under the spell of crystals: these are the 5 most popular stones

Crystals have become a huge hype among celebs and influencers in recent years. They are now gradually starting to find their way to Africa.

Whether you believe in it or not: these are the most popular crystals and their effect.

Rose quartz

This beautiful pink crystal is also known as ‘love stone’. This stone helps you to open your heart to every kind of love you need. Whether that is love for a family member, a friend or simply for yourself.

Tip: With this stone, you can easily make a kind of beauty water to spray over your face. For this, put water together with the rose quartz and rose petals in a bowl, and let it steep for a few hours. Then pour the water through a strainer and put it in a bottle.


This purple stone is often found in jewelry and would help you relax. Amethyst helps you de-stress and positively influences your sleep. Place amethyst in your house to absorb negative energy.


Do you feel that you are influenced by bad karma? Then it’s a good idea to buy selenite. This white or transparent stone helps you to keep negative emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger at bay.


Citrine is also known as ‘the merchant stone’. This yellow crystal should help you attract prosperity and wealth. This stone is known for not only absorbing negativity but simply removing it. Place this stone close to your business cards for a happy and successful career.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is formed by molten lava that has cooled quickly. This stone – nickname: the mirror – helps you to see your true self. Use obsidian to banish stress and negative patterns from your life.


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