Vatican: “man has no right to change sex”

The Vatican believes that man has no right to change sex. In an official document published on Monday, the Roman Catholic Church states that gender change is the result of a “confused concept of freedom”.

In the paper entitled “Male and Female he created them”, the Congregation for Catholic Education, talking about an “educational crisis,” when it comes to affection and sex. The congregation advocates a “positive, cautious sexual education” so that children can “learn the original truth about masculinity and femininity”.

The Vatican believes that “if the idea of gender is determined by personal feeling rather than biology, this is an attempt to destroy nature.” It says “yes to the dialogue, but no to the gender ideology”. The 30-page document is intended as an “instruction” for Catholic educators.

Although the document was not signed by Pope Francis, it is quoted several times from his speeches and those of previous popes. The publication criticizes gender theories that “cause a radical break with the actual biological difference between men and women.”

LGBT rights advocates condemn the document as “objectionable and harmful,” and claim it encourages hatred and intolerance. “The information in the publication leads families to reject their children, and it increases the alienation of LGBT people from the Church,” said Francis De Bernardo, director of New Ways Ministry trying to reconcile LGBT Catholics and the institutional church. in a statement.

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