viral ‘Deepfake’ creation of Donald Trump and… Bean

A deepfake video that is currently going viral combines the face of British TV legend. Bean with the body and the statements of US President Donald Trump. A mash-up to contradict you.

Deepfakes, videos where a person’s face is digitally pasted onto another body, are a product of tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning. This video was made by ‘PolygonGraphics’. With special thanks to the service bell, actor Rowan Atkinson in his famous role as Mr. Bean, an old speech by former presidential candidate Donald Trump gets a whole new look.

Deepfake videos are sometimes a frightening form of Fake News 2.0, where handy tech fans can put prominent figures in their mouths whatever they want. Previously, even the heads of famous actresses were painstakingly realistic on the bodies of porn actresses. There is, therefore, growing concern about the potential of technolog

y. But just as often originated purely witty creations that also have only that humor as purpose, as is the case here.

Why did ‘PolygonGraphics’ opt for this striking mix? “I think that many typical gestures of the president are very similar to those of Mr. Bean”, the maker explains to The Daily Dot. “Especially in the ever-wide eyes of Bean I also saw a fascinating contrast.” Even though it is just that contrast between the two protagonists that makes this product a repulsive one.

viral Deepfake creation of Donald Trump and... Bean

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