Voting laws in Madagascar: Ravalomanana challenges power

The former president and presidential candidate on 2018 election, Marc Ravalomanana came out of his silence on Saturday, April 7th.

In a written declaration, he publicly rejected the way the National Assembly voted on Tuesday the electoral laws and challenges the power in place.

In his written declaration, Marc Ravalomanana rejected the conditions under which the electoral laws were passed in the Assembly. “The circumstances of fact publicly known and indisputable deprive the texts adopted by the National Assembly of the authority necessary to be invested with the sacredness of the law,” he writes.

Marc Ravalomanana makes explicit reference to corruption charges brought by opposition MPs against pro-regime MPs suspected of receiving money for the vote.

A charge that moved public opinion all week. The representatives of the parties TIM and Mapar have also filed a complaint on Thursday, Bianco who opened an investigation in stride of which HVM MPs continue to deny.

Marc Ravalomanana calls on the President of the Republic to ensure the proper functioning of the institutions. But he also appeals to the High Constitutional Court: it is she who must guarantee the constitutionality of the electoral texts before their entry into force.

The leader of the TIM party has every interest in making changes to these laws. Article 10 excludes the participation in the presidential election of candidates under sentence of conviction. Marc Ravalomanana was sentenced in absentia in 2010.

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