Wayne Rooney may explain at home again after this footage makes rounds on social media

Footage has surfaced that will cause uproar at the home of Wayne Rooney (35). However, the former Manchester United top striker, now manager at Derby County, claims he was “framed”.

It was suddenly full of them on social media yesterday: photos of a clearly tipsy Wayne Rooney, in the company of two blond ladies in a club in Manchester. One of them shows how he is very close with one of them, while the footage also suggests that the party continued in a hotel room afterward.

Although you can hardly speak of a party: Rooney himself is sleeping while the ladies quickly score a selfie with him.


The images were taken last Saturday, according to the English Daily Mail – when the clubs were allowed to open their doors again in England for the first time in about 15 months – but Rooney does not intend to stop there.

The former striker claims that “he has been framed” and, according to the tabloid, has already instructed his lawyers to file a complaint. Both in Rooney’s entourage and at Derby County (where he is currently a coach, ed.) No one was available for comment.

Curious what Coleen, Wayne’s childhood sweetheart and mother of his four children, will think. After all, it is no longer the first time that her husband has been in the news in such a way.

The images circulating on social media speak for themselves
The images circulating on social media speak for themselves

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