Weird: Man ends 31 years of marriage because of religion

A Muslim man terminated 31 years of marriage because of his spouse changes to another religion. Azeez Muritala divorced his wife, Ramota, after living together for 31 years, because the woman simply decided to convert to Christianity. The marriage ended in the Mapo, customary court in Ibadan, Nigeria.

According to Nigerian media, Azeez Muritala, who is a truck driver, said in a request to the Nigerian news agency that he wanted the court to dissolve his marriage because of his wife’s refusal to practice the Islamic religion with him.

“My lord, I decided to divorce Ramota because I am at the end of my patience with her after several attempts. I got married to Ramota in 1988, we have lived for 31 years, so she could practice the same faith as me. At this moment, I do not know anything about her movement because she now has a heart made of stone.”

“Without my knowledge and consent, Ramota started going to church and bringing home some type of water. In fact, to my great disgust, Ramota brings to my matrimonial home different colors of candles pretending to pray with. At present, she has stopped practicing Islam.”

“Even worse, Ramota has managed to return our four children against me by poisoning their minds that I am bad. Most of the time, she can stay out of the house for three days and recently she has been away longer. Ramota even ran away with the first three kids without giving me any idea where they are.”

“A few days ago, she came back stubbornly to bring the last child that made me happy.”

“Since I can not stand the humiliation anymore, I informed her parents and relatives, but they begged me to change her.”

Ramota, a food vendor from Gingede to Ibadan, said: “It is true that I am now going to church and my husband has approved it.”

“When Azeez told me later not to go to church, I disagreed with him because I needed prayers. I did not run away with any of the children, they followed me willingly.”

“I want to urge this honorable Court not to grant Azeez custody of children because he is too busy, they will suffer.”

The president of the court, Ademola Odunade, dissolved the relationship because of the refusal of the duo to find an agreement.

Weird: Man ends 31 years of marriage because of religion

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