What are the signs of an impending breakup?

Do you get the feeling that there is something wrong in the relationship? Maybe there is a slight hint of anxiety, but you immediately calm yourself down by not finding any external manifestations of the crisis? If so, look out for subtle signs of an impending breakup that you may not have noticed.

3 signs of an impending breakup that we overlook and even think are the norm

Here are three red flags that should alert you!

You get bragged about all the time in front of your acquaintances and friends

It could be that your partner isn’t genuinely proud of you, but rather that they think you’re some sort of trophy to brag about. This behaviour is often typical of older men who are flattered that they have a young and beautiful wife. They show off their wives to their friends and feel satisfied that they have a spectacular woman by their side. So, the man himself is still good!

This and other similar relations look quite normal. The man is sort of proud of his companion and spoils her, and maybe even generously presents her with gifts and does not spare money for her. Nevertheless, if the woman suddenly becomes fat or ill, her husband is unlikely to remain kind. Most likely, she will be replaced rather quickly.

So, if a man brags about you with some exaggeration, consider the real reason for this behaviour. Either he really loves you and is proud of you, or he asserts himself in this way!

You are not privy to your problems

When your partner asks you to be sympathetic to his busyness, the woman tries to meet his needs. She does not call him or bother him with meaningless conversations in order not to distract him or her. And it seems that everything is understandable and even correct, but only if it is a matter of real busyness. For example, the husband is in a rush at work before the holidays.

And if he is always demanding such behaviour, you annoy him or even get bored. Then he has a lot of other things to do, and they are all much more important than you. Don’t forget that a man in love usually needs to know where his lady of the heart is and if she’s okay, so he’ll take time out to make sure she’s doing well.

There’s no fighting in your relationship

What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, isn’t it great when a couple resolves conflicts peacefully? Isn’t it nice when spouses smile all the time, kiss each other, and are happy with everything?

Sometimes, it indicates that the partners have reached a unique level of mutual understanding and have stopped quarrelling. But more often, it signals the emergence of indifference in the relationship. One of the partners may soon find a more interesting option (prettier or richer) and calmly leave.

If a wife hasn’t expressed any complaints to her husband for many years, she will probably leave him for someone else immediately if she has money problems. And a husband who stays quiet for years and doesn’t clarify things may be trying to make amends for something bad.

Remember that it should be alarming when things are too good and suspiciously quiet. After all, it is through conflict that couples reach mutual understanding.

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