What can you expect from a third date?

You probably have no problem hitting on a beautiful woman. Therefore, that first date will not be a problem, and if you are a bit lucky, a second date will soon follow. From that moment on, it gets really exciting. The third date in a relatively short period usually indicates serious intentions. So the question is how you deal with this and what you should or should not do.

What should you do on a third date?

When it’s time to start planning that important third date! Such a third date is not a coincidence but a clear indication that things are going well. By the time you get to the third date, there is a shared interest, and you can take that important step to get to know each other.

That doesn’t mean you’re already in a relationship, but most lights are green. Yet, it remains a matter of paying attention and not taking anything for granted.

More than just drinking together

There’s nothing wrong with making it extra cosy, but during that third date, it’s not about drinking. If you really can’t think of anything better, then you should start wondering if you want a relationship.

After all, it is now a matter of more depth. That doesn’t mean you have to fill the entire evening with philosophical conversation, but at least eating out is a lot better than hanging out at the bar. Such a dinner does not have to be extremely luxurious, but it does lead to more in most cases.

Do not expect too much

For some reason, it is often thought that such a third date automatically leads to a romp between the sheets. Now there’s nothing wrong with going from butt to bed, but don’t expect it. If it does happen, see it as an excellent reward for your efforts. If it doesn’t, enjoy it. Not expecting an intimate night makes it more fun for yourself and prevents disappointment if it does not happen.

Show you’ve listened

One of the most important parts of a successful date is listening to what your date says. Listening alone is not enough; you also have to remember what she said.

In short, don’t ask questions that have been discussed before, but be creative and try to challenge each other verbally. Now that you’ve been on two dates, you are free to express your interest and find out exactly what you think about certain topics.

If you mistake asking about things you’ve raised before, she’ll probably think you haven’t listened before and don’t find her that interesting.

Don’t feel comfortable too soon

While a third date is a good sign, it doesn’t mean you’re already in a relationship. As long as there is no exclusivity, you are still trying to conquer her. So don’t feel too comfortable yet. At this level, any mistake can be punished mercilessly. So still be that gentleman she likes to see.

Give her a clear hint

If you are sure that this is the lady you would like to see as your girlfriend, make it known. That doesn’t mean you should immediately indicate that you want a relationship, but you don’t have to beat around the bush. In most cases, you can feel her limits and make your intentions known in a playful but direct way.

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