Maya believed that people lived in the 4th world! What happened in the first 3 worlds?

Among the remnants of the Maya civilization, ancient manuscripts are among the most important documents. According to the records, these ancient manuscripts were compiled under the guidance of the gods and are of high value for the emergence and development of civilization.

Reading ancient Mayan manuscripts, researchers have discovered that one of the Mayan codices describes the history of three worlds that once existed on Earth. According to the description, the first inhabitants of the Earth were dwarves. They could only work at night, building cities out of ruins. At dawn, they turned into stones one by one, waiting for night to come. But because of the first flood, the first world was completely destroyed.

The inhabitants of the second world are “migrants”. They came to Earth for some reasons of their own and founded new cities, it’s sad that the good time didn’t last long. Also, due to a large flood, the second world was wiped off the ground.

The third world is the Mayan civilization, which, like the first two worlds, was destroyed by the forces of nature. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

The world in which people live, according to the Mayan codes, is the fourth world. If nothing else, it will not destroy the fourth world in the end.

It sounds incredible, but the Maya Codices are the most detailed of the existing ancient manuscripts. It discusses not only the cosmic past of the gods but also various rituals of civilization, as well as discoveries and achievements in astronomy.

Also, in the Maya Codes, the answer to the question “how did the Maya calculate astronomical data that almost coincides with modern ones” was given. At that time, there were no satellites and various modern instruments.

According to the records of ancient manuscripts, the observatory of the Maya civilization was built on top of the temple. It was a wooden cross-shaped structure. Thanks to observations of the sun, moon, and other planets, the results of observations were recorded. The Maya possessed all kinds of astronomical knowledge.

Studying ancient Maya manuscripts, scientists believe that all Maya achievements are based on constant practice and correction of mistakes.

Many people think that the Maya are Aliens. To get the latest stories, install our app here.

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