What we know about Davido and Chioma’s breakup rumor

Davido and Chioma recently unfollow each other on Instagram. Could that be a sign of a breakup or mere social media rumor? These are what to know about the two love birds after King Patrick revealed a secret.

The two Lovebirds, Davido and Chioma, both became disillusioned on Instagram. This comes after an explosive revelation from Peruzzi’s former boss, King Patrick. Yesterday, while responding to a penny from Davido, King Patrick claimed Peruzzi was sleeping with Chioma and pimping her out as his “cousin”.

One can read the fuss between the OBO boss on his earlier tweet. Chioma’s love life explained that “if you are feeling depressed, remember you are not alone”, it sounds. But he insisted that “God is with you always”. The breach of communication between Davido and Patrick could be seen when Davido said: “don’t be afraid”, but you can “reach out to people in your family, your church, or your friend circles”.

What we know about Davido and Chioma’s breakup rumor

“Ask them to pray with you and not give you drugs. Hope you feel better, brother. Crackhead,” Davido stressed.

King Patrick did not allow the already rolling ball to stop on his corner. In response, King Patrick fires back.

Golden Boy CEO Patrick called Peruzzi and Davido again and this time he is with dirtier secrets. The music boss revealed Davido has given the girls STDs and also has several baby moms whose identities have been hidden from the public.

He reveals that “If you are feeling stupid and you are out there popping babies and giving girls STDs, that he (Davido) should “not be sad”.

What we know about Davido and Chioma’s breakup rumor

He advises him to “reach out to loved ones and get advice from your hunch on how to fcck his side chick and pimp her out to you as his cousin… Let’s be guided, please. Incest is a sin..”

After the recent revelation, in a quick check, it may seem that Davido and Chioma no longer follow each other on Instagram. This news is a shock, and we hope that everything is fine with Davido and Chioma!

He also exposed Peruzzi for lying about Chioma being his cousin as she was his side chick before “she started dating Davido”.

What we know about Davido and Chioma’s breakup rumor

In her recent photo, Chioma can be seen without her engagement ring. View below

Chioma and davido

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