What women must avoid on a first date

A first date… What could be more intriguing? Will I like him? Will he like me?… But often, a first date can also be the last. It is incredibly frustrating if you, in principle, like the man. It means you probably did something wrong. What are the common mistakes women make on a first date?

These are the questions that go around in the head of any woman waiting for a date. But often, the first date can be the last. What are the most common mistakes women make during their first date?

You’re getting ahead of yourself

It is one of the most common and gross mistakes women make, both in the first and subsequent relationships. It takes a man much longer to let any woman into his life. I emphasize that we are talking about emotion, not physical contact, which many men are very willing to do. So on the first date, do not “get into the soul” of a man and act with him as you have known him for several months. Such “familiarity” can only scare away your companion.

You’re hot in an argument.

When you first meet someone, be careful about expressing your opinion, especially if it is negative. Postpone heated discussions until you get to know the other person better. Otherwise, you can easily offend this person. How do you know what he’s thinking, what he likes or dislikes? Inadvertently step on his “cornucopia of pain” – that’s it, a wasted date. Generally speaking, several topics not recommended to touch upon in conversation. It states in the business etiquette handbook, but in discussions with individuals you don’t know, this rule will come in handy. These topics are:

  • Religion
  • Health
  • Money
  • Politics

Discussions about these topics on the first date are best to avoid.

1. You throw mud at your ex

As a rule, you should avoid talking about your ex on the first date. However, if the topic has “surfaced” in the conversation, then under no circumstances should you throw mud at your ex or make fun of your ex. Your interlocutor will immediately simulate this situation because, in the future, you will be sitting across from another person, throwing mud at him and making fun of him. Be remarkably restrained in expressing your emotions, even if you hate your ex with intense hatred.

2. You write text messages or social media messages all the time

It is not possible that your companion will be happy if you communicate all night instead of him with some virtual friend or girlfriend. Forget text messages and social media dates all the time! Take it from me – your constant fiddling with your phone is very annoying for men. Otherwise, he has only one indignant question in his head: I still don’t understand: are we coming to a restaurant date or sending a text message?

3. You speak a lot about your strengths

For most people, overly intrusive advertising (especially self-promotion) will only lead to rejection. Let men see themselves and understand how wonderful you are. It would be best if you didn’t have to remind yourself of this too often. Also, don’t forget that all men like to be the center of attention. Most likely, your interlocutor will be very suspicious of the young lady, who tried to put herself at the center of the conversation from the beginning of the relationship.

4. You talk a lot about your flaws

But one shouldn’t rush to the opposite extreme, either. If you keep saying, “Oh, what are you? I’m not at all as good as you say I am! I’m angry, harmful, jealous, etc. -It’s all over, and the man believes you. Don’t argue with the compliments you get. The best answer to any compliment is a sweet smile.

5. You talk endlessly about your problems

Men don’t like women who are unhappy with their lives. The world around us is already full of problems. From a woman, a man wants peace and comfort. If there is a frustrated woman nearby who constantly talks about how hard it is for her, the man will probably try to run away. Trying to fall in love with a man and make him feel compassion and sympathy is a losing strategy.

6. You talk about what you want to buy

Men are susceptible to female commercialism. They need to make sure that you are not interested in his wallet but himself. If you say on the first date that you want to buy a new car, apartment, leather coat, etc., the man will immediately suspect that they only want to use him as a source of material value. Few people like this.

7. You allow yourself to provoke bright

Too sensational makeup causes a person to feel only pity: “Poor thing… How she wants to please me!” Also, he may have doubts about your good taste and proportion. Do not overuse cosmetics.

8. You are too rude.

With a person who expresses interest in you, try to express yourself in a cultured way, without vulgar turns and wild exclamations. The entire half of humanity’s representatives appreciate female culture and femininity: the ability to behave at the table, beautiful speech, delicacy, etc. Of course, you can’t learn all this in a day, but it’s certainly worth fighting for the ideal.

9. Sex on the first date

Of course, there are different dates. It happens that a man and a woman immediately attract each other so much that it is impossible to avoid an intimate relationship. But in most first dates, such strong feelings between interlocutors do not appear. Remember, a real woman needs to conquer one way or another. By agreeing to make love on the first date, a woman demeans herself in her own eyes and finally in the eyes of the man.

And for heaven’s sake-never say that expletive: “I didn’t make love on the first date.” So you make it clear that you are pretty available, but only for the second and subsequent dates.

10. You won’t stop in time

On a suitable date, time flies. But watch out for signs that it’s time to end it. If a guy talks about his busy day tomorrow, looks at his watch, or starts yawning, then it’s time to go home. Better to feel a certain “lightness” than “satiety.” We must work to ensure that both you and the man at the end of the first date have a strong desire to see each other again.

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