Whatsapp has added a new feature to its services

The WhatsApp messaging platform has just added a new feature to its services.

This new feature allows WhatsApp users to create channels similar to those of Telegram messaging, announces the TechCrunch portal.

With this new option, group administrators can now limit the ability of their other members to send messages.

How to proceed ?
To create a channel, you must choose the “administrators only” option in the “Send a message” section in the group settings.

“Collective chats are used by many users, for example by parents and teachers or by non-commercial organizations to receive important messages and information. We have launched a new feature to help administrators of such groups,” say the developers of the application cited by the portal.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram are part of this closed club and all belong to Mark Zuckerberg.

Recently, we are witnessing innovations on the various platforms of Mark and his collaborators.

On WhatsApp, in the space of three months subscribers were entitled to many changes.

This social network that has more than one billion users has not finished draining crowds.

WhatsApp entered the online messaging market at the beginning of a significant wave of new mobile services.

The company has distinguished itself by its lack of advertising and the simplicity of its service, focused on a few well-developed functions, which have managed to ensure a rapid development of word of mouth.

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