Where is the longest wave in the world found?

Puerto Chicama Beach, located in northwestern Peru, is known for the longest waves in the world. That is why international-level surfing championships are held here.

However, even those indifferent to the conquest of the water element, this place is stunning because you can see waves of such a huge length, perhaps, only on this coast. It’s incredibly beautiful! It seems that some giant artist painted the water gaze in horizontal white stripes stretching for kilometers.

Five minutes on the same wavelength

Local surfers say that this beach was discovered in the 1960s by one of the most famous North American surfers, Chuck Shipman. The surprisingly long waves he saw from the window as he returned home by plane after the World Surfing Championships in Punta Scala. Later he found this site on the map and went to discover the most ideal skiing spot.

The wave on the coast of Puerto Chicama is striking in its shape and motion. It has a moderate speed, and its crest can travel a distance of up to two kilometers or more (from a rock ledge to a pier). Local surfers claim that a professional can cover all this distance on the same longwave. And the wave itself looks very impressive from the side: it stretches along the coast, like a long, long road…

The waves of Chicama Beach
The waves of Chicama Beach

This coast is considered very convenient not only for masters but also for beginners because if you fell on one wave, you just need to wait for the second – they, as a rule, go evenly after each other and have the same height.

Waves for every taste

Moreover, the waves in Puerto Chicama can be divided into sections. The first one has a length of 150 meters, the wave here rises to a height of two meters. The next waves have a maximum length of 600 meters. The next section stretches for about a kilometer, and the final group of waves (two kilometers) is the most difficult, but surfing along such a cascade will be the most unpredictable.

Favorable natural conditions facilitate the formation of unique waves in this place – a wind rose and a good angle of rocks that frame the beach.

Many beginners to advanced surfers come to the Peruvian beach to try and tame these unprecedented waves. And this, of course, is a free show for vacationers who go there just to sunbathe and enjoy the fine sand and crystal clear water.

The Sunset at Chicama Beach
The Sunset at Chicama Beach

For five years now, Puerto Chicama Beach has been the world’s only protected surf park. Any construction work near the coast is prohibited because it can disrupt the unique relief of these places.

The best time for surfers to visit the Peruvian beach is from April to October when it is winter. In the cold season, the wind is stronger – it makes the waves last longer. In addition, the surf is stronger in winter.

A holiday paradise

Well, for those who just want to swim and sunbathe, it is recommended during the summer season, because at other times the water on this beach is very cold (for surfers this is not an obstacle, because they use protective suits).

In general, the climate here is warm (the air temperature is from 15°C to 28°C), making this beach a paradise for extreme sportsmen and vacationers. You can get to the beach with long waves by car or by bus, which goes from the city of Trujillo for two and a half hours. This coast in Peru is pretty clean, but there are beaches on Earth that require serious cleaning.

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