Why being alone is better than being with the wrong person

Since we are social creatures, we strive to fit into society, and the proverbial “glass in old age” weighs heavily on the minds of millions of people. It is, of course, about relationships. Whatever they are, the important thing is not to be alone – that’s the thought that visits many lonely people. This is wrong because “it doesn’t matter with whom, as long as it’s with someone” often leads to an even greater psychological deterioration.

There are several reasons why it’s better to be alone than be with the wrong person. It might help you ease the nostalgia that’s eating you up because you don’t have a partner, and it might help you choose your life partner more carefully.

6 reasons why being alone is better than being with the wrong person

1. You’ll be lonely in a bad relationship

Why being alone is better than being with the wrong person

Yes, that’s the paradox, because you’re both with someone and alone at the same time. The fact is that a good relationship is, first and foremost, friendship. Spouses are the closest people, and when they are not when the partner is not your friend but someone who is sucking your soul out, it makes you feel worse than lonely.

You start to shun your partner; on the contrary, you strive for loneliness. And even when you are with your partner, you will feel lonely because you won’t be able to trust him or her.

So it’s better to take your chances and stay single because by dating the wrong person, you might miss out on the one you were destined for.

2. The incompatibility will be a pain in your life

It is important that partners are compatible in most matters and match each other like two pieces of the puzzle; only in some moments do they not fit. If there isn’t such a close match, serious problems can start. For example, you are a night owl while your girlfriend is a morning person. This dyssynchronization will lead to problems because one wants to sleep, and the other flutter around the house at five in the morning.

And if you are not similar to each other in only one or a couple of moments, it’s normal because the negative is offset by the positive. But when you’re incompatible with everything and hold on to each other to avoid being alone, it’s better to stay single and wait for your partner.

3. You’ll be wasting energy and time

It’s easy to think of a relationship with an unsuitable person as a waste of time. It’s unlikely that someone will do something that, in their mind, is just a waste of time and will not bring any benefit. But for some reason, the same logic does not work with relationships. Hormones and fear of loneliness get in the way and cloud the mind.

A relationship is a constant work on yourself, work for your partner’s good. If you realize the futility of the event and working on a relationship is a drag for you, it may be better to stay alone. That way, you can channel your energy into something more rewarding.

4. With the wrong person, you have to hide your true self

Why being alone is better than being with the wrong person

The big difference between a good relationship and a bad one is that you don’t have to hide your identity in a good one because your partner loves you for who you are. You can talk about anything; you have virtually no taboo topics. The opposite is true in a bad relationship when you have to hide your thoughts, interests, and desires in order not to provoke negative emotions in your partner. In that case, you have to be constantly on guard not to say too much and not to create trouble out of nothing.

This is not helpful, and in this case, being alone seems like a much better choice because then you don’t have to deceive yourself or anyone else around you.

5. Being in a bad relationship can make you miss out on the right person

As we said earlier, the advantage of being alone, compared to a bad relationship, is that you can wait for or find the right person. But a bad relationship prevents this from happening as the commitment shackles you, and such a search will be regarded as an act of treason by your current partner and your subconscious, namely by your moral attitudes, which will make you feel like a betrayer.

Being in a bad relationship can make you miss your chance at happiness and live your life with someone you don’t love simply out of fear of being alone. It’s much worse than being alone for a long time and finding someone who will make you happy at a mature age.

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6. You will stop working on yourself

When they are in a relationship with the wrong person, many people stop developing, striving for something because they don’t find support from their partner and don’t want to change for them. This leads first to stagnation and then to degradation.

All these stereotypical images of a “unit of society” with a husband resting from his wife on a fishing trip with men, and a wife running off to her neighbor at every opportunity, are just about those very people who are not suited to each other.

Some manage to communicate somehow, and the relationship becomes more or less tolerable, but is it worth it? In that case, it is better to remain single and continue developing for yourself and your future partner.

Bad relationships slow you down as a person and prevent you from developing in your career. Suppose you want to find your place in life and not live your whole life as a mediocrity. In that case, it is better not to drag yourself into a relationship with an unsuitable person but to admit to yourself that being alone, although painful, is much better than constantly auto-training and cheating on another person just for fear of being alone.

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