Why it can be scary when one of your friends gets married

You want to be very happy and enthusiastic when someone from your group of friends announces they’re getting married. And after the news hits the fan, I’m sure you are. But at first? Then you put on your best fake smile and panic inside. But why?

Finding out that one of your friends is getting into a marriage relationship for the first time can be terrifying. It can feel like you’re losing a friend, it can be accompanied by the feeling of being abandoned.”

Marriage is a step that changes your life, so it’s normal for you to feel that this is going to affect your friendship as well.

Are you going to see less of them? Are they available all the time? Or are they going to disappear and you just see Instagram photos with #couplegoals passing by? The fear is justified, especially since this is the first friend you’ve been through. You just don’t know what to expect.

In addition, with the first fiancee friend, some uncertainties about your own (love) life can also play a role. You may experience dissatisfied feelings about your own love life, you quickly ask yourself: ‘Shall I find someone? Why does it take so long?’

It is completely normal that you compare your situation with that of your friends. That is why it can be confronting when someone from your close-knit group of friends decides to get married and maybe you are a little jealous.

Although some point out that there is a difference between a little fear and complete aversion to the news. Do you completely flip? Then that indicates that it really bothers you. You have to tell yourself that your life is good as it is and that everyone is different. Doesn’t that work? Then you can talk to a therapist or dating coach.

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