Why can’t I stay in a relationship for long

If you’re a man and successful, intelligent, charismatic, and attractive on the outside, that won’t help you develop relationships. To be more specific, you might meet someone but then quickly part ways without knowing the real reason for the breakup.

In fact, forming healthy and long-lasting relationships is not quite as challenging as it may appear at first glance. You will not need any specialized abilities for this, nor will you be required to make any sacrifices or work toward rebuilding either yourself or your partner. It is sufficient to have an understanding of precisely what it is that prevents the development of your relationship and then find a solution to this problem.

When it comes to the topic of why your relationship is over so quickly, there is, of course, no one-size-fits-all response. However, you might commit many mistakes without even giving a second thought to the negative repercussions of your actions. We’ve come up with a few explanations for why you don’t have a committed love relationship.

8 reasons why you can’t stay in a relationship for long

1. You cover up your unhappiness

It is essential to have an urgent conversation with the girl in a situation that develops in a relationship that leads you to experience unfavourable emotions such as aggravation, resentment, rage, and other similar feelings. These discussions are certainly not enjoyable for everyone involved, but they are essential to finding a solution to the issue at hand. You may opt to maintain quiet as a tactic because you’re anxious about getting into a fight or worried about being misunderstood or not being heard. However, contrary to your expectations, the circumstance will not improve with time but will only start to get worse, and ultimately, you and the other person will split ways.

Instead of suppressing your feelings or delaying the discussion of the issue until a later time, you should acquire the skill of talking about things that make you feel uneasy. Do not aggressively assert anything or place blame on your partner for anything. Bring to her notice the fact that a particular action she takes or words she says to you cause you to feel bad about yourself. It could be the way you evaluate the issue or the mere behaviour of the other person that triggers a negative emotional response in the other person.

2. You make an effort to highlight just your most attractive qualities

When two individuals are getting to know one other, one approach frequently selected to make the appropriate impression and interest the other person is to reveal only their best traits while simultaneously attempting to hide that which may turn off a potential mate. However, this turns out to be a cruel prank because the girl does not fall in love with you but rather with the image you crafted based on her specific wishes. Because of this, you are in an anxious and disturbed condition, unable to be yourself. She is gradually beginning to get dissatisfied because your promises and her expectations have not been justified. Consequently, you will end the relationship as soon as you forget about it and stop trying to control your every move.

If you find that this description fits you in any way, that is a highly troubling sign. You are essentially deceiving the person you like for your gain — to raise the possibility of you two being together in a romantic relationship— so that you can get what you want out of the situation, increasing the likelihood of a relationship. Stay true to who you are because the only way you will ever have the chance to find a girl who will love you despite your flaws is if you don’t change who you are.

3. You have difficulty expressing both your feelings and your desire to others

Why can't I stay in a relationship for long

Both couples openly discuss what makes them happy and communicate their feelings with one another to maintain a relationship that is both healthy and harmonious. It is not unusual that your relationship ends abruptly if you have trouble communicating your feelings to the girl you like for whatever reason.

First, you are unhappy with the way that you have been communicating. You probably have the impression that they do not hear you, do not love or respect you, and do not understand what you are saying. Because you are accustomed to remaining mute, even when an innocent girl is happy to meet you halfway, you should still do something kind for her or support her while she is going through a tough time.

Second, your girlfriend may get the impression that you’re an emotionally closed person who isn’t interested in the relationship you two are in. Developing any contact with you will be an incredibly challenging task. Figure out how to have conversations about things that matter to you and be less guarded when expressing your feelings.

4. You are not prepared to accept responsibility for other people’s mistakes

You may daydream about how you will meet “the one,” the ideal female who will fulfil all of your hopes and expectations for a romantic partner. However, here is the catch: people rarely live up to other people’s expectations, and they shouldn’t do so, just like you shouldn’t do it. It is naive to anticipate that the image that captivated your thoughts would one day materialize before you in real life and introduce itself.

The truth is that you still have to tolerate the numerous flaws of the person for whom you have affection to maintain those feelings. On the other hand, your girlfriend will have to get used to at least one of your weaknesses, which means that you will be factored into the equation. Sincerely, there are no such things as flawless humans. It would help if you made every effort to determine as quickly as possible whether you can ignore certain aspects of behavior or worldview or whether you categorically disagree with something and should immediately terminate the conversation with the girl. If you can skip certain aspects, you should make every effort.

5. You are open to the ideas and suggestions of others

Why can't I stay in a relationship for long

When it comes to your relationship, everyone from your parents and relatives to your friends and coworkers will, at some point or another, become involved and interested parties. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you are aware of how to bring to their attention on time that they violate your limits and as long as you do not take every piece of advice they give you as a guide to action. No matter what other people think or say, the relationship is between you and the person you’ve chosen to live with; as you construct a future together, you will determine what is normal for you and what is not.

Put an end to taking the counsel of other individuals; all it does is get in the way of your ability to think on your own. Nobody is more aware of what you require than you are. It’s possible that other people’s life experiences, perspectives on relationships, personalities, ambitions, and priorities are significantly different from your own and completely different from yours. It is important not to let other people’s biased opinions affect your own life.

6. You don’t make any new relationships with others

It’s fantastic that you were able to meet a girl who you liked and start dating her. But then what; are your relationships developing, are you growing closer to one another, is at least anything in your life-changing, or are you not going to initiate any changes? When a girl realizes that the relationship she is in will not result in anything, and you don’t even try to convince her of this and don’t even plan for the near future, it is unlikely that she will want to waste her time on you. If you don’t plan for the near future, she may stop trying to convince you.

This does not imply that you should discuss getting married and having children with her a few months after meeting her and beginning a romantic relationship. You should at least discuss the prospect of moving in together, seeing friends or relatives of the other person, sharing some holidays, making plans, and other similar activities.

7. You’re looking for a catch in a good relationship

Another aspect of your perception turns people off: they look for a catch in caring for you, giving you love, and treating you well. If a girl likes you, she will naturally attempt to be good to you; she will back you up and do all she can to assist you in whatever you are going through, and so on. You will not be successful if you cannot accept such an attitude and if you have a habit of believing that a person is acting a certain way because they are trying to gain something from you covertly or exert control over you. After the girl realizes that you will not change your behaviour, she will give up since she can no longer put up with your irrational attacks and distrust.

8. You don’t understand why you need a relationship

Why can't I stay in a relationship for long

Maybe you are looking for a relationship without understanding why you need it. You join them simply because everyone has girlfriends or relatives who think it’s time for you to settle down or for any other reason that does not correspond to your motivation and your goals in life. Relationships built in this way are doomed to break after some time. All hopes for a happy future are shattered by a misunderstanding of what you generally strive for.

First, decide what you need, and only then decide whether to start dating a girl or not. So you save a lot of time, effort and other resources.

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