Why does she want to leave you?

In the beginning, there is always this phase where everything is marvelous, like in a romance novel. A stage where we do what we call “spinning the perfect love”. But over time, we may feel the passion diminish, the impulses less lively without understanding the reasons.

We give you in this article reasons that could explain that your sweetheart is no longer excited about your relationship.

You showed her a false image of you

To seduce the person who makes us dream, we would be ready to do anything. Show excess generosity, take care all the time, offer her flowers every day, breakfast in bed. But have you imagined what happens next? When she realizes that you are not the person you pretended to be, disappointment sets in. It’s okay to show attention, but overdoing it to the point that you can’t stay consistent is risky enough.

You don’t pay enough attention to it anymore

It’s pretty standard in couple relationships. As soon as the other shows us that he cares for us, hop no more the trouble of making an effort, we take it for granted. But women, that requires a lot of attention. Small, occasional loving gestures are significant to women. If your partner feels like you don’t care enough about her, support her adequately, and care about what she loves, she will inevitably pull away from you.

You constantly argue

When two people meet, we must not forget that they are two personalities who also meet, two types of education, two individuals with different experiences. This is what makes it almost unfeasible for these two personalities not to clash. However, this should not become a habit. There is no worse love-killing than constant arguments. By force, your sweetheart will no longer want to stay in this toxic bond.

You always put others before her

She’s not the center of your life, okay, but she still deserves to feel her importance, right? If you spend your time putting everyone and everything before her, you can be sure she won’t take long to go.

You are slow to show your commitment

You’ve had a one-year, two-year relationship with your partner, you live in perfect harmony, but you don’t do anything to show her that you want to spend your life with her. Not even a drawer for her at home, let alone a dinner at the parents’ house. Admit, though, that this is not encouraging!

You annoy her

Eh yes! Monotony kills the couple. No woman wants to live a sober life without a little dose of adrenaline. She wants to go out on a Saturday night, but you’re not in the mood. She suggests going to see a movie at the cinema, but you prefer to follow a game on TV. Well, know that you are driving your relationship to the hole. When the routine starts to set in, and you don’t do anything out of the ordinary, you kick your partner out the door.

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