Why royals always carry their handbag in their left hand

You may not have noticed, but royals always carry their bags on their left. That is no coincidence, but a trick within royal etiquette.

Myka Meier knows this from Beaumont Etiquette, an expert who was trained by a former member of the British royal household.

Just look at Meghan Markle, who is always shown with a handbag in her left hand during official visits. Kate Middleton is never spotted with a bag on the right, and even the Queen herself has taken over that habit.

“That’s because it’s often their job to greet the people,” Meier said. “When they are on an official visit they have to shake hands. It is therefore taught them to always carry their bags in their left hands, to avoid awkward situations and thus not to appear clumsy. Their right hand is always free.” It is not only about female royals. “Prince Charles does this too.…”

©Getty – Kate Middleton with her handbag in her left hand.

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