Woman is not an object, let alone a toy

Marriage is a bond between man and woman. Of course, we marry because we love forgetting that we will live with characters. No matter whatever, a woman is not an object, let alone a toy.

A young woman was treated like a toy, abused by her mother-in-law and severely maltreated by her husband. All these ill-suffering were a result of not giving birth to a child after 6 years of marriage. The incident happened in Nigeria. In the year 2012, after crying for days and nights, she summoned the courage and applied for divorce.

I could vividly remember the words of her then-husband when he heard about her divorce plan. He said: “you’re a shame to me and my family. Who will marry and bring shame to his family! Go you, infertile woman.”

She later got married in the year 2015, after 3 years of divorce. She gave birth in 2017 to a baby boy and hell break lose.

Now, who is at shame?

Marriage has become a race against the clock for these women who believe they will be thrilled when hanged.

While not even sure what they are doing. Be tempted, pressed, and even pushed.

My dear, take your time, domestic violence is constant, multiple reasons as well as its forms.

My silence would be an accomplice to the blows that thousands of women suffer in silence and who respond with a smile when asked “how are you” to make believe that all is well.

You know why? Because they have been told a word to all “mogul” and they support everything, to get killed sometimes.

Then I will not be able to hide behind the screen for a long time and be silent about the physical and moral blows our women are undergoing.

My judgment will have no value on your choices but my little experience may have an impact on your decisions.

What is not settled when you go out with your partner will not be solved once in the marriage bond.

Compatibility makes the wedding and not the arrangement. You can never know enough about a person, but you are pretty sure of what is perpetual or not. And it’s up to you to fix it.

We must talk about everything, definitely everything… Watching a woman, his wife, mother or future mother of your children, the one who left her family sometimes even give up her future to help you build your own, who delivers her body to you almost every night, and you do not have seen that innocuous error of a moment to beat her with bloodshed.

The insult is already intolerable without speaking of blows. This story nearly missed a fatal end.

At 16 we are still young so many days to crown success of happiness, 4 months of marriage hello hell.

She decides to spend her days at your side, to meet your every need, what you find better to do is to let her terrify with marks of suffering to remind her of the cruelty of the man, removing the beauty of her youth.

There is no worse damage to the dignity of the person. I do not know what she was able to do to set her husband on fire, No matter how wrong she was, big or small, unforgivable or intolerable, no reason justifies such an act.

Failing to control his anger, detach from what is stirring. Two bodies that no longer support themselves leave each other even if it is afterward to meet again.

Better such an act. If there is one advice that I can share with you is to properly choose your partners. And for a bonus learn to defend yourself.

To men, a woman we respect, we do not beat! Let justice be done! The woman is not an object, let alone a toy.

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