After being rejected, an ex-husband sets influencer (30) on fire

A Chinese man has been condemned to death for setting fire to his ex-wife. According to several national media outlets in China, the court reached that decision on Thursday. The heinous murder detonated like a bomb throughout the nation, reigniting debate over the safety of vulnerable women.

Lhamo, a 30-year-old famous YouTuber from southern Sichuan province, was the victim. She uploaded movies about her life on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, almost every day. Things went terribly wrong during her last session, in which she cooked in her kitchen and performed in front of hundreds of thousands of fans. Tang Lu, her ex-husband, appeared out of nowhere, doused her with gasoline, and lit her. The family’s cries were heard by onlookers, who together phoned the cops.

The lady was sent to the hospital with severe burns and died two weeks later. Her sister told The New York Times, “She looked like a piece of charcoal”. “Nearly all of her flesh was burnt off by him.”

Absolutely petrified

Tang Lu’s unusual behavior, according to his sister, did not come out of anywhere. Lhamo was frightened of her ex-husband and had worried for her and her family’s safety for a long time. If she would not return to him, he threatened to murder her children. The lady alerted the cops in a panic, but they’d have disregarded her appeals.

Lhamo wedded her ex-husband out of fear for her life, but the violence persisted. When Lhamo divorced for the second time and went to the police, she was informed it was a “personal family issue” and that the cops couldn’t help her, according to her sister.

The status of women

The case drew a lot of attention in China because of its terrible nature and the families’ strong accusations. According to CNN, experts held “heated discussions” over how the Chinese judicial system fails to protect domestic abuse victims and punish offenders. Women are frequently discriminated against, belittled, and treated unequally in China, despite the fact that the country’s constitution guarantees gender equality.

The government passed a new legislation in 2016 to reduce domestic violence. However, the penalties are minor, and women claim that restraining orders are ineffective. Since the legislation was enacted, more than 900 women have died at the hands of their spouses or partners, according to Beijing Equality, a women’s rights group.

There will be no compassion

Because of Lhamo’s brutal death, combating domestic violence has risen to the top of the priority list once again. The judge showed no compassion for the suspect throughout the trial, which millions of people saw. “Tang’s activities have had a devastating effect on our culture. The judgment said. “This heinous act warrants a harsh penalty.”

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