Woman lives in dream world to come out of man’s lies

The 30-year-old Yves P. from Zwijndrecht is a patented liar. The judge is convinced of this after his future wife K. had submitted a complaint with twenty forged documents. A loan of 250,000 euros, a honeymoon to the Maldives, a birth announcement, a police report, an employment contract… Yves P. forged everything to keep up the appearance that he was doing well.

K. (29) was too rich when she left for Disneyland Paris on June 3, 2017 with four friends on a bachelor weekend. K. was to marry Yves P. on July 22 with whom she had a relationship for six years. K. was pregnant with their first child. The couple had just signed a compromise for a villa of 545,000 euros in Kapellen. The future laughed at the young couple.

Victim K: “At the entrance to Disneyland, I was told that the booking document from the travel agency and the voucher had been forged. I could not believe my friend Yves P. was there for anything. I thought I was being scammed by the travel agency. ”

K. and her four friends paid their own bachelor weekend. Back home K. went to get a story at the travel agency. There was never a weekend Disneyland reserved. Impressive wife K. could hardly believe that.

Patrick Lefelon

“Do not work here”
A few days later she was at the bank to handle the mortgage loan of 250,000 euros. Her husband had given his employment contract and account statements. K. did not know what she heard when the bank clerk simply said: “These documents and extracts are all forged.” Falsified? K. phoned her vault to vzw Vizier where her friend Yves P. worked as a servant. “Who are you looking for? Yves P.? It does not work here. He never worked here.”

Attorney Ben Crosiers outlined the embarrassment of his client during the trial, Mrs. K. “The couple had been together for six years. Every morning he left for his work at vzw Vizier. The couple had wedding plans. The room, the wedding dress, the photographer, the wedding planner were recorded. They had signed a compromise for a house. There they would expand their litter with their daughter who was coming. The future looked beautiful.”

Fake birth announcement
Until it turned out that that future was entangled in a web of lies. Expectant husband Yves P. had a boundless fantasy to lead his wife around the garden. He even produced a false birth announcement to explain why the signing of the mortgage loan had been postponed. The bank manager had just become a father.

The same story with the laptop of victim K. Her future husband Yves P. had convinced her that his computer was broken at work. If he could temporarily use her Macbook, his employer would give him a compensation of 150 euros per month. After a few months, Mrs asked her Macbook back. “Honey, my boss refuses to return our Macbook. I have filed a complaint against him.” Yves P. presented the official report with the police logo, name and signature of the inspector…. All falsified.

Victim K. collected no less than twenty forged documents from the bank, from employers, travel agencies, police and municipal authorities. Even the order form for the honeymoon to Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives, “the dream destination among the dream destinations”, was a pure forgery.

Master liar Yves P. is now being treated by a psychiatrist. He admitted to the judge that he had forged all documents. “When I met Mrs. K. in 2011, I lived on a 200,000 euros inheritance from my grandmother. We did not fall short. Later I could no longer pay the bills, but I did not dare to tell K. that I had no work, never graduated, and had no form of income. Then I started to falsify documents.”

Half a year later, Yves P. also forced his own mother and he mistreated her. The judge found all forgeries proven. Yves P. has a blank criminal record and so ended with a community service of 100 hours. His former friend K. receives a provisional compensation of 1,000 euros. This compensation can further increase if there are damage claims for the cancelled marriage or the annulled purchase of the villa in Kapellen.

Source: HLN

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