Woman with Goat-Leg: 2 spiritual being encounters in Africa

People with a strong faith in the paranormal often speak of a thin veil between our world and the black “realm” of spirits, ghosts, and other supernatural beings, many claims to possess the ability to lift the veil and see into the spectral beyond. These spiritual being encounters in Africa are fascinating.

Some people insist that they are more sensitive to spirits in specific places across Africa. Some people argue that paranormal entities such as ghosts never cross over to other realms.

Creepy Children

In Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa, lies the now abandoned shell of what was Kempton Park Hospital (later known as Kyalami Hospital). For some reason that still unclear, the hospital was abandoned entirely and closed on Boxing Day, 1996.

All patient records and medical equipment were abandoned inside the hospital, where they can still be found today.

Those who love a thrill often visit the spooky building in search of ghosts. Residents of the surrounding neighborhood, however, do not have to step on the hospital grounds to encounter some of its creepy inhabitants.

One family claimed to have experienced poltergeist activity in their home, while others have watched in fear as their curtains opened and closed of their own accord and doors slammed for no earthly reason.

Yet another family said they found small wet footprints all over their house. Meanwhile, a married couple in the area claims to have entered their children’s bedrooms only to find young strangers playing with toys and looking at the adults with empty eyes. The scary children disappeared shortly after they were discovered.

The high rate of creepy-kid hauntings in that area is attributed to a “doctor” who managed to falsely qualify as a pediatrician at the hospital, before being captured.

Unfortunately, several little children and babies died before he was sentenced to 18 years in prison in May 1992.

The Woman With Goat’s Feet

The story of Moroccan Aisha Kandisha is said to be another version of the famous legend Bloody Mary. There are different versions of such story, but it is widely claimed that Aisha Kandisha appears near water sources.

She uses magic to be beautiful, so she can lure men to her before they go crazy or kill them.

While Bloody Mary can be summoned by whispering her name three times in a dark room, Aisha Kandisha will appear when you pour boiling water into a drain. She also materializes in other forms, like a strange mermaid or a topless woman with the legs of a goat.

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