Women pay assassin and involve the police

The Spanish police have arrested a mother and a daughter and accused them of plotting a murder. The charge is not a result of a lengthy police investigation, but of the complaint of the two at the Madrid police station about the scam of the assassin. He did not comply with the black-and-white contract for the murder, although an advance of 7,000 euros had already been paid.

The El País newspaper reported that this fake assassin has also been arrested. It is the friend of the 20-year-old daughter. The whole plan would come from him. He pretended to be a top secretary at a secret service that could crackle a lot and arrange the murder of the mother’s ex-boyfriend for money.

The 52-year-old mother is said to have been scammed by her ex-boyfriend for 60,000 euros. To avenge this, the ‘secret agent’ and the daughter’s friend would track down the man, force him to give up organs or kill him and sell the organs. That sale would completely compensate for the enormous financial setback for the mother.

The trio set the agreements in detail on paper. When the deadline for the assignment expired in mid-June and the intended victim was not hurt, mother and daughter turned to the police.

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