Women prefer a real family man to a career man

Tradition dictates that women stay home to take care of their warm nest and build a house or a career for men. That time is over, more even, young women prefer a real family man so they have more time for their own career.

Woman spends twice as much time on household chores than hubby. But female students prefer that differently. The research by KU Leuven psychologist Loes Meeussen and her colleagues confirms that young women find a man who stays at home longer. Than the legal paternity leaves more attractive than a man who goes to work immediately.

In addition, it appears that couples with a family-oriented man are happier. Few conflicts between work and private life lead to a better quality of life. A family man as a partner is therefore more advantageous for women.

The fact that women follow their career stream can ensure that the preference for family men will continue and even grow. To answer the female need it is not inconceivable that the opposite sex will respond and will become more family orientated.

The social switch is not only cheaper for female careers, but also for men. They would experience benefits in terms of well-being, health and their relationship. The children would also develop socially better with a dad who is much at home.

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