You recognize the best ICT programmers on these five traits

Tomorrow, on the 13th of September, is the Day of the Programmer: then we put our programming friends in the limelight.

Rightly so, because their importance for technological progress is unmistakable. Many Coding schools are jumping on that cart and that is what you do best too. But do you have the right character for that? Judge yourself!

1. You are an analytical thinker
As a programmer you can easily move in the shoes of a user who knows little or nothing about computers and offer him a ready-made solution in the form of a workable application. You actually solve their problems before they set themselves, and thereby make the necessary links with other ICT projects.

2. You are an eternal student
We said it above: without IT, no technological innovations. To keep up with that quest for progress, a good programmer needs to learn daily. At least on the basis of relevant sources such as specialized newsletters, but also by following training courses on the latest developments in the wondrous world of computers.

3. You are a humble colleague
There is also a great deal of expertise in your immediate environment. Discussing complex IT problems with your colleagues not only promotes your analytical thinking ability, such discussions also benefit the working atmosphere. Or you call an old student counsellor to take another pint and to check out his or her insight. Do not feel too good to ask for help! Google is also ready for you.

4. You are a weird bird (and that is positive)
If you are looking for a quiet 9-to-5 job, the vacancies for IT people are best for what they are. You can only tinker with websites or applications if the traditional user does not. Strange working hours should not deter you, but just work with enthusiasm! The nice wage conditions do compensate for that.

5. You run marathons
At the end of the day, your product should simply be ready for use. Stress resistance is therefore at the top of the section ‘Skills’ on your resume. Working through nights to meet a deadline is part of the life of a programmer. And whether it is 7 o’clock in the morning or 3 o’clock at night, your attention never flips to avoid mistakes. After all, bugs are your biggest enemy.

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