You should not be better off with this star sign for better partner

Whether you believe in it or not, everyone sometimes looks at his horoscope secretly. And although – of course – every constellation can fall in love with any other sign, not all constellations are equally compatible.

Here you discover with which constellations you do not like to date according to astrologers.

Aries and Cancer
Rams like to put things behind and live in the now. As soon as they have a connection with someone, they also want to get started immediately and get their most romantic side up. Unfortunately, this does not work for Lobsters, which are very sentimental and need time to build trust. For them, romance is a work of art that they slowly build up together with their partners. By the time the Cancer can completely surrender to love, Ram has long gone.

Taurus and Aquarius
Bulls are stable and predictable, especially when it comes to their hearts. They love long-term, romantic and reliable relationships. For the Aquarius, who loves renewal and likes to go against the flow, such a love feels suffocating, so they also get bored quickly. They love originality and need a partner who stimulates them both intellectually and artistically. For the Taurus this sounds like a lot of wasted energy. Once they find what works for them, why stop it? De Waterman, on the other hand, does not shy away from breaking things, and therefore also relationships, to see if they can turn out differently.

Gemini and Scorpio
The free spirit of Gemini can sometimes cause them to send contradictory signals that can seriously confuse a Scorpion, who likes to know where everything is on. If the ground always shakes under their feet, a Scorpion does not feel safe enough to invest his heart and love in a lasting relationship. Twins feel most comfortable in an environment that is constantly changing, also in terms of relationships.

Virgo and Libra
The humor of a Virgo is the most black humor of all the constellations, and that is because of their strong, realistic nature. According to them, the bitterness of life must be treated with honesty and humor. That may sound good for some, but for the most romantic constellation, the Libra, that is impossible to deal with. They are optimists in love and life and believe that everything is possible, as long as you work together. But what they regard as inspiring, is considered naive by the Virgin, while it in turn appears to be a bone and insensitive person to the Libra.

Capricorn and archer
If you summarize a Capricorn in a word, it is ‘professional’. They are hard workers and they are ambitious. They are very serious about what they do and do not want, which makes them romantic and reliable life partners. Archers are then rather nonchalant and a tad arrogant. They count in love especially on their charms and beginners’ luck. What does it matter to them that they always show up too late with unbrushed hair and a shirt that is wrongly knotted? They know that they can seduce everyone with their charms to forgive them. Except the Capricorn. Sorry, he wants you to be on time.

Lion and Fish
Fish are sensitive and have a lot of empathy for others. Lions mostly love themselves and are therefore the most loyal to themselves and they want their partner to be. A lion can come home from work, do a whole rant about that colleague who has walked with honor for a certain idea, while Pisces can see the other side of the story and move around in that colleague. It is not that they do not support you, Leo, Pisces simply love everyone in the world.

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