Young man destroys his diploma during graduation ceremony [Video]

There is no doubt that adolescence is the characteristic age of rebellion, as demonstrated once again by a Peruvian boy who was allegedly forced to attend his graduation ceremony because of the attitude he showed.

It all happened at an event at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), where the student in question appeared a little ill-faced. When he came up with the school authorities to receive the document, he gave a mocking glance to one of the directors.

Young man destroys his diploma during graduation ceremony [Video]

After receiving the document and forming with his group of companions for protocolary photography he began to destroy his diploma until they were only torn to shreds. The young man raised his hands before the assistants so that they could see his action well and then threw the remains to the ground and retired with the others.

Young man destroys his diploma during graduation ceremony [Video]

The event went viral immediately because it was being broadcast live on the official page of the Faculty of Communication Sciences and Arts of the PUCP, for which it became a creditor to different points of view from all over the world.

Some social media users called the student a spoiled child and said he needed attention, while others pointed out that it didn’t matter if he tore the diploma, as it was a document without official validity.

Young man destroys his diploma during graduation ceremony [Video]

Here are some of the comments: “It doesn’t get anyone’s attention because that cardboard has no validity at all”, “if you don’t agree why are you going to the ceremony?”

The event caused, in addition to ridicule and indignation, many doubts among netizens, as so far the reasons behind the student’s action are unknown.

However, according to the portal Peru 21, internal sources of the house of studies assure that everything was a kind of performance of the graduates of Sciences and Arts of Communication with the sole objective of becoming viral.

Despite this, several people continue to point out that, instead of having a positive impact, they were able to question the quality of the campus due to the obvious disagreement of the boy.

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