Young people who sang ‘Congo is ours’ are obliged to visit Dossin barracks

Two young people who sang racist statements at Pukkelpop last month to the address of two girls of Rwandan origin, are obliged by the public prosecutor’s office to visit the Dossinkazerne.

Stated by the minister of Justice Koen Geens during his announcement in parliament, reported by VRT NWS.

On a video that was shared by the girls on social media, you can see how the young people cut their hands, the Congo is ours. The images made the mood in our country flare up and the parquet of Limburg started an investigation.

The two young people, both nineteen, are now being given an alternative measure by the public prosecutor. They will have to visit the Mechelen Dossin barracks, which was used during the Second World War as a transit camp for transporting Jews and gypsies to concentration camps.

The young people will be accompanied during their visit by an employee of the Kazerne Dossin and will have to write a personal and critical reflection afterwards. Only when all these conditions are met will the file be closed.

“We found a measure (instead of a sanction) better in this case because the suspects are young and because there is something to learn. For the future we thought this was a valuable solution,” said Anja De Schutter of the Limburg parquet at VRT NWS.

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