Your smartphone will work faster by removing these applications

Removing some apps that waste storage space from a smartphone can help make it work better, according to a digital specialist. Among them are YouTube and Facebook.

Any smartphone, old or new, is likely to slow down. A Russian digital specialist, Vladimir Gritsenko, told Prime agency about tips to alleviate this problem and make it work faster.

“First of all, we should be careful with very heavy applications, such as Facebook and YouTube. For example, on Android, there are light versions of apps like Facebook Lite, Google Maps Go. You can use a lightweight mobile version of a site or service in a web browser and quit an app altogether if it slows down,” explains the specialist.

Other tips

Besides, it is better to turn off the graphic effects and animation, which also harms the smartphone. Mr. Gritsenko also recommends checking the available storage space: if it is less than a gigabyte, the smartphone may slow down.

It would also be necessary to check for the presence of programs running in the background.

The specialist was keen to point out that the latest system update does not always help and can even sometimes degrade the performance of a smartphone. And to conclude that modern devices are less susceptible to the slowdown, however, so sometimes buying a newer smartphone can solve the problem.

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