Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe speaks for the first time

In Zimbabwe, the tension is palpable between the current and former president. For the first time since his departure, Robert Mugabe broke his silence during an interview with the South African national channel, SABC.

And as usual, he does not have his tongue in his pocket. “It was a coup even if some people refuse to call it that.” This was said late Thursday by Robert Mugabe in an interview broadcast by the South African public channel, SABC.

He lamented being the victim of a blow he called “shame to erase”.

“It was really a reversal by the army. There was no visible movement until the operation was authorized by the army,” he insisted.

Affirming nevertheless not to blame his successor while adding: “I would like to work with him, but he must be legitimate. He is not suitable today for his post, he is not legal. We must erase the shame we imposed on ourselves. We do not deserve that, Zimbabwe does not deserve this,” lamented by Robert Mugabe who said he did not want to come back to power.

Elections in sight

The answer of the Head of State did not wait until this morning. Emmerson Mnangagwa said in a statement that the country “has turned the page of the Mugabe reign. We must continue to focus on the preparation of free, fair and credible elections in 2018”.

Relations between the two men have clearly deteriorated. As a reminder, two weeks ago, a retired soldier launched a new party, condemning in particular the treatment of Robert Mugabe and publicly declared the illegitimacy of this new government.

A new formation that Robert Mugabe seemed to support.

The formation of this new party, the apparent support of Mugabe for this new formation and his television interview, do not happen by chance.

A few months before the presidential elections, and while President Mnangagwa is under pressure to transform the country, Robert Mugabe may counterattacks.

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