1 month after the murder of Khashoggi: 3 key questions remain unanswered

Exactly a month ago, the world famous journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. He visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul that day to obtain some much-needed documents to marry, but never returned. Some details of what happened at the consulate were confirmed in the meantime, other important questions were still not answered.

Where did the body go?
The first question is one that concerns the entire world: what happened to the body of the murdered journalist? There is also some uncertainty about the way he was killed. According to the latest update that the Turkish researchers shared, Khashoggi would have been strangled. And the sequel would be even lugubrious. The researchers believe that the body of Khashoggi was torn into pieces and then dissolved in acid. Either in the consulate or in a nearby residence owned by a Saudi Arabian general.

His remains can be useful in research into the exact cause of death, but especially for his friends and family it is important that the body is found. And fast, without his body Khashoggi cannot be buried and that is unacceptable according to the Islamic faith.

Who is responsible?
It took more than two weeks for the Saudi government to formally admit that Khashoggi had died at the consulate. A while later the leaders only confessed that the journalist was deliberately killed. Eventually, eighteen Saudi citizens were arrested by Turkish researchers, Saudi Arabia did not show any initiative. Ever since the rumours circulated that Khashoggi was murdered, many suspected that the Saudi Crown Prince was involved in the conspiracy. Jamal Khashoggi was very critical of the kingdom, mainly targeting Mohammed bin-Salman. For example, US agents suggested that Crown Prince bin-Salman gave the order to kill the journalist and he would have previously claimed that Khashoggi was a dangerous Islamite. Meanwhile, the kingdom denies any involvement.

What will the consequences be?
Saudi Arabia has a number of loyal allies including the United States. And before the journalist was killed, the kingdom was able to implement many brutal reforms without getting too much comment from international politics. But the death of Khashoggi and the possible involvement of the crown prince changed international relations. The relations have already changed and the reputation of the kingdom has been damaged, but not much has changed. Trump reacts with caution. He makes no strong criticism and said several times that he will not suspend the arms agreements with Saudi Arabia. Germany is so far one of the few Western countries to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

The crown prince also enjoys a lot of support in his own country. The chance is very small that this will change, regardless of the outcome of the Turkish survey.

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