Here are the 10 most indebted countries of Africa

The World Bank unveiled on Monday, May 28, it’s ranking of the most indebted African countries in 2018.

In this ranking, it is clear that countries with strong economies are the most indebted to the black continent. South Africa breaks all the records of this top 10 with its population of more than 55 million inhabitants.

The list below is the top 10 most indebted African countries in 2018.

1) South Africa

With a population of about 56 million, South Africa is the most indebted country. Its debt amounts to more than $792billion.

2) Sudan

Sudan ranks second with a considerable gap behind the number one on the list. The Sudanese population lives with about 528 billion US dollars of debt.

3) Egypt

Egypt has a debt of more than 299 billion US dollars.

4) Morocco

Morocco has been ranked as the first country for investment. Unfortunately, despite his generosity for business, King Mohammed VI and his country have a debt of $70 billion.

5) Tunisia

Tunisian debt amounts to more than 18 billion US dollars.

6) Angola

Angola finds itself plunged into a deficit of more than US$17 billion.

7) The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Congo counts about 79 million inhabitants and lives with a debt of 13billion US dollar

8) Ivory Coast

Ivorian debt stands at more than 11 billion US dollars.

9) Nigeria

Nigeria is in the penultimate place in the ranking of the most indebted African countries. Its debts are worth $10 billion US dollars.

10) Kenya

$1billion is the sum of the debts of Kenya with which we put an end to the ranking.

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