10 mistakes at the beginning of a relationship that can end it

The beginning of a relationship is the most romantic period in life. You want to spend as much time as possible with your partner, get to know him better, and move towards rapprochement. But already at this stage, you can, as they say, “break the wood” because the relationship will not last long.

Looking back, you will not understand what you did wrong. The fact is that people are very sensitive to actions that would not have been given such importance over time. But at the beginning of a relationship, such nuances can nullify all love.

10 mistakes that can lead to the end of a relationship at the very beginning

If they do not irritate your partner, then they leave an unpleasant trace in mind, sowing doubts about the need to continue meeting with you.

You are alluding to gifts and material assistance

It doesn’t matter how much money a man has, how he manages them, or looks at the family budget. Hints of gifts or help with money are perceived as pressure and certainly do not add sympathy to you in his eyes.

You might think that being helpless is very feminine. Still, in practice, it will make your partner wonder how interesting he is to you in and of itself, rather than because of money or the ability to help you solve your problems. It is also important for a man to understand how ready you are to take care of yourself and whether you expect full support from him.

You are indulgent

Do you allow yourself statements that let your partner know that you are somehow better than him? Well, this is a reason to think about whether you need such a relationship. Of course, no one canceled the difference between the sexes and views on life, education, and upbringing. Still, it is better to keep dismissive and arrogant remarks to yourself, even if you are tempted to voice them, albeit in a joking form.

You are ungrateful

Psychologists say that nothing strengthens a relationship like gratitude towards a partner. Those couples who have this feeling, and it is demonstrated even for simple daily care, can notice the positive around them, and they are more comfortable living in a relationship.

By setting your example, you will awaken the same feelings in your significant other. Conversely, constant nit-picking and devaluation of your partner’s help will instantly alienate him from you and discourage him from doing anything for you.

You rush things

Having met the person you think is the right person, you begin to discuss with him such topics as meeting your parents, weddings, having children, living together, etc. Your partner perceives such persistence as too fast a reduction in distance and generates a feeling of anxiety.

Moreover, not only women but also men love to speed up events. In life, this is not at all uncommon. By the way, this also manifests itself in the form of control over the actions of the second half. Psychologists consider all these “you need to lose weight, quit smoking, stop meeting friends” as unnecessary pressure.

You make him jealous

If you think that there is nothing wrong with teasing your significant other and flirting with other men in front of him, do not be surprised if the relationship deteriorates or ends altogether. Even after years of marriage, provoking jealousy can significantly reduce the degree of a person’s worth, not to mention the very beginning of a joint journey.

The result of your behavior can be completely unpredictable. The man will be angry and feel manipulated. So a test of strength can backfire and upset even the most harmonious relationship.

You make yourself look good

If you want a lasting relationship, be natural. Do not think that people will evaluate you based on the information that you give about yourself. Your actions and behavior speak louder than any words. So boastful tales are of no use to anyone.

Your achievements will sooner or later become obvious, and the fact that you did not advertise them will only play into your hands. By exaggerating your capabilities or over-praising yourself, you will make yourself look silly when it becomes clear that reality does not correspond to fiction.

You are too chatty

There is nothing wrong with being spontaneous and sincere, but being overly talkative will make your man think you are only focused on yourself. Give your partner a call, show that you are interested in him; otherwise, you will scare him off early when the opinion of you is just beginning to form.

By the way, you should not talk too much about yourself or give out intimate details, believing that they will bring you closer.

You overdo it with sarcasm

Psychologists say that cruel jokes are an element of passive aggression. The age-old sarcasm can lead to relationships becoming toxic over time, so its manifestations must be suppressed.

Often partners disguise acrimony as humor, wanting to “do what is best,” but as a result, they only hurt each other’s feelings. If you find yourself showing latent aggression towards your significant other, think about it now, before it’s too late.

You suffer from mood swings

Everybody has bad days. It’s okay to discuss some negative points with your significant other. Still, it would help if you didn’t dump your insecurities and doubts about your relationship on him in the hope of hearing a refutation in return. If your man is still with you, then you are beautiful, and everything suits him.

Do not focus his attention on your imaginary shortcomings, trying to get him to recognize your importance.

You do not value your partner’s actions and feelings

The things that seem important to you may not necessarily be the things for your significant other. It’s okay to be different. Respect the feelings and personal space of your loved one.

Do not discount his actions and experiences, even if they seem insignificant and petty to you. It is better to support your partner without trying to re-educate him or impose your point of view on him.

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