10 personality traits that explain a powerful man

Powerful people, who have recently become fashionable to call abusers, are quite harmful members of society. Such people have high self-esteem and believe that the truth is only on their side, which means you can suppress the rest because they are a priori wrong. If you see that a person has several traits from the list, it is better to stop communicating with him if you do not want to fall under his dictatorship.

He gives advice that no one asked him for

Sometimes advice is helpful, but many people are shy or afraid to ask for it, so they don’t seem weak. As for the unjust, people advise on the right and left without any requests or hints from others.

They do it just like that because they believe that they have already learned life and understand all its aspects much better than others, which means that they can give important instructions so that “little” people do not step on the same rake because they simply cannot withstand such tests.

He is persistent

Sometimes the persistence of powerful people is even beneficial. So, for example, they can instill confidence in others and turn them on to achieve new heights. But more often than not, they push a person in the direction they want.

They set a goal and do not tolerate any amendments to their “flawless” plan, because, as mentioned above, they, unlike others, have learned this life and better understand what will lead to success.

He is fixated on himself

All attention should be given only to the powerful person. They see themselves as a kind of superstars who are constantly in the center of the world, and everything revolves around them. Because of this, they pay much less attention to the rest of the people, trying to make sure that society is not distracted by “unimportant” things, such as the fate of other members.

He does not know how to listen

An important trait of a good person is listening. Sometimes, just by listening to someone, you will significantly raise your authority in their eyes. But powerful people do not know how to listen because they believe that they already have nothing to learn from other people or that their words are insignificant compared to the Napoleonic plans built in the heads of such individuals.

In addition, powerful people feel confident that they know exactly what the other person will say. It’s not about some superpowers; it’s just that the unjust person thinks that the others communicate in patterns, and their speech is easy to predict.

He sees no boundaries

Powerful people rarely realize that they are overstepping boundaries. They easily violate people’s comfort zones, invade their privacy, or use unethical methods to get things done. The thing is that powerful individuals are sure that their perception of reality is the only correct one, and the rest must obey their decisions. Being accused of rudeness and meddling in their own business, powerful people usually use a strategy of pressure on the opponent, demonstrating his weakness.

Powerful individuals do not respect private life, and at any opportunity, they will cross this border since they believe that only they and no one else has this right.

He’s a control freak

Powerful people like to keep any situation under control, as if they are playing a Sims, controlling soulless lines of code, not people. Usually, they do not respect other people’s opinions because, as mentioned above, they believe that they know better what others need.

Researchers believe it is especially dangerous if parents are in control. They, controlling their children in any matters, suppress the development of their personality. As a result, they are less oriented in life, as they get used to the fact that other people decide everything for them.

In addition, powerful people plan everything up to the minute and expect others to follow their plan. Let’s focus on “their plan.” They cannot compromise and want people to live according to the powerful person’s schedule.

He doesn’t accept rejections

An average person, hearing “no,” will either calm down or try again and then finish his attempts. But not a powerful person. In his way of thinking, there is no refusal about his proposals because, as we said earlier, he considers his point of view to be the only correct one and imposes it in every possible way.

How can you answer “no” if this is the only correct solution, even if it is far from the case? This does not fit in the head of a powerful person, so he will become even more persistent until he achieves his goal or stumbles over a serious obstacle, overcoming which is not worth the effort spent on it.

He remembers what other people owe him

Helping another person, powerful individuals often do it only for their benefit and write this fact in their memory. What for? To take advantage of this in the future for their purposes, for example, for manipulation, forcing them to pay for aid in many times its amount.

As for negative actions on the part of other people, the powerful person will remember this and return the bad, strengthening it many times over.

He does not accept criticism

It is worth politely criticizing the thoughts or actions of a powerful person, and you automatically fall into her worst enemies. An overbearing person does not perceive criticism and considers it aggressive attacks, condemnation, personal hostility, or envy, again because of the confidence that he is one hundred percent correct in all matters. For such people, any criticism looks the same as an argument between a student and a teacher, where the former claims that twice two equals five.

The only thing they are ready to hear constantly is praise. Moreover, the praise should be crystal clear, without any “if I could add something here, it would be perfect”; otherwise, it will be no better than criticism.

He breaks down quickly when things don’t go according to his plan

Since powerful individuals are accustomed to manipulating others and acting strictly according to a plan, any deviation from their plans enrages them. Moreover, a powerful person will blame anyone but himself because he considers his plans ideal and that they definitely cannot lead to failure.

At such moments, powerful individuals turn on broken logic, which leads to false conclusions, making them dislike completely innocent people. If the person against whom the negative reaction is directed begins to defend himself, in the eyes of the powerful person, this is proof of the correctness of his conclusions.

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