10 reasons why you feel old

One day you catch yourself thinking that instead of the next order from a fast-food restaurant, you would like to eat soup and buckwheat, instead of going to friends, you would sit at home, and instead of forgetting about the indisposition— you would sign up for a doctor right now. And from that moment on, you begin to fully feel your age, and in some cases even feel much older than you really are. We have collected several reasons why this happens.

You especially feel old at those moments when you communicate with people younger than you. At one point, you suddenly realize that you no longer understand their slang, laugh at their jokes, follow what is popular with teenagers and people who are slightly over 20 years old. And from this abyss that lies between you, you, to put it mildly, do not like it. But you don’t want to change anything either — if you think about it, it’s already good for you because communication with your family, friends, colleagues, as well as peers has remained the same.

You are changing your attitude towards doctors

As a child, you are afraid of doctors, as a teenager, you are too lazy to go for examinations when you are a little over 20 — you think that everything is fine with your health and do not think that you need to invest in it somehow. But at some point in your life, you suddenly find yourself sitting in line for a ticket to the polyclinic registry and sincerely rejoice that you paid not half of your salary for a cured tooth. You feel old when, instead of avoiding doctors, you go to them of your own free will, simply because something bothers you.

You see your friends and classmates getting married and raising children

You’re used to screwing yourself with people around you, and usually, you choose friends, classmates, and classmates for this because they’re about your age. When the first of your peers get married, you experience a shock — it seems to you that you are too young for such serious actions. Then someone already has children, and this event becomes discussed again. But life is fleeting — and now you realize that people of your age are quietly creating families, having a second or third child, taking mortgages, buying cars on credit, etc. And it no longer seems unusual because you have grown up.

You don’t feel as active as you used to

Previously, you could sit out a few pairs, run in for a side job, and then have fun all night and get up for the exam in the morning as if nothing had happened. If you tried to repeat such a feint now— you wouldn’t be able to live until the evening. You no longer feel as much strength in yourself as you allowed yourself to spend in the past. The only thing you want after work is to crawl to your sofa, grabbing dinner on the way.

You pay for things that used to be free

In childhood and adolescence, you could spend hours chasing someone through the streets or just walking with friends, without even thinking about how many calories you would burn. Adult life turned out to be funny: now you are ready to pay every month to be able to play sports. And so it is with many things paid for by parents, or for which you found the strength and time.

Are you thinking about marriage and children?

Previously, when dating a girl, you thought about how good it was for you together. Now you perceive the relationship differently — you are unlikely to offer to meet someone whom you do not see as your potential future wife. You start thinking about marriage, thinking about how many children you would like and how much you could pull. When you catch yourself thinking like that, you’ll feel hopelessly old for a moment.

They started calling you by your first name and patronymic or uncle

It makes no sense for you to respond to “Hey, guy” anymore — now they call you by your first name and patronymic, and the children, addressing you, say “uncle”. Yes, it’s an unusual feeling when you don’t seem to feel that you have matured, but the people around you have already changed their attitude towards you. From now on, every time a stranger or an unfamiliar person addresses you, you will remember how old you are.

You stop enjoying the things you used to love

As a teenager or student, you could be a big fan of relaxing with the help of alcohol, noisy parties in rented huts, unexpected trips, casual acquaintances. And then one day you realize: there is nothing better than your own apartment, a sober head in the morning and one single girl next to you, with whom you will, first of all, feel good and interesting.

You think your parents are experienced and ask for their advice

Previously, you often did not tell your parents something so that their moralizing would not fall on you. It seemed to you that they are not modern, do not understand you, and do not know how it would be better for you to act in this or that situation. Now you are happy to discuss your problems with your parents and ask for their advice because you know that they have lived longer than yours, and therefore they have something to learn.

You fight off annoying questions at family gatherings

If earlier people were interested in how you were doing at school and jokingly asked if you had a fiancee, now you have to fend off questions about marriage, children, buying a car, and an apartment. Every meeting with relatives threatens you with a nervous breakdown because they already believe that it’s time for you to decide what you want from your life and plan everything to the smallest detail. You are treated like an adult who should focus on really important (in everyone’s understanding) things.

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