10 signs he doesn’t love you anymore

Even the happiest relationships can come to an end. If you begin to notice that your boyfriend’s attitude towards you has changed, even though this manifests only in small things, you should not deceive yourself; trust your mind and intuition. Psychology is designed so that you will deny the obvious to the end, not to hear the disappointing truth from your partner. We have collected 10 signs for you that you are no longer loved as before to make the right decision regarding your relationship.

He does not answer your calls and messages

The classic sign that your boyfriend is losing interest in your relationship is blackmail. He may be busy all day, or his phone is running out of battery too quickly, but unwillingness to answer your inbox means that he avoids contact with you, and communication has ceased to please him.

The surest decision is to talk to your boyfriend personally, and in the meantime, stop imposing your attention on him, because if he did not find a couple of minutes to answer you or write first, then the time has come for an eloquent silence on your part.

He answers in monosyllables

Have you noticed that when asked, “How are you?” Or any interest in his person from you comes to a monosyllabic answer that does not imply mutual curiosity? If so, then you are in trouble. In the absence of conflicts and fresh quarrels, this behavior can mean one thing: he does not want to talk to you and, instead of immediately revealing his cards, thinks that you are either so stupid that you will take his reticence for communication or you will guess that he doesn’t care about you.

He cancels plans

You agreed to go to the movies, but he has unexpected things like meeting friends or plans that he does not speak to you frankly. You invited him to visit, and he did not even appear without warning and subsequent explanations. Does he always have excuses that keep you from spending time together? He doesn’t want it, but he can’t tell you directly.

You should not expect attention from such a guy because he gives you clear signals.

He doesn’t care about the guys you hang out with

Relationships are built on trust, and manipulating a guy’s feelings to make him jealous is disrespectful and mean. But on the other hand, jealousy or at least surprise on your boyfriend’s face if you accidentally mention someone else is a natural reaction for someone who has feelings.

If you understand that your partner is not interested in who you communicate with and not at all for reasons of deep trust, it means that he no longer has the same feelings for you. In some cases, he may be happy with this situation: if you receive attention from the outside, it will be easier for him to leave, using the situation as an excuse or cover.

He doesn’t keep you informed

In a relationship, it is natural to share your experiences of the day and let your partner know if there are grandiose plans for life. If you feel that your partner is closing off from you while you were not noticed in inattention and passivity, then this means that he does not want to be bound by obligations, and this most often leads to separation.

He spends more time on his phone than with you

We devote a lot of time to phones and browsing social networks, but if we are talking about a loved one, there should not be a choice between you and the Instagram feed. Often, going to the phone means that the guy is bored with you or doesn’t want to pay attention to you. This is not a reason to break up, but you should talk to him about his detachment.

He talks about other women

If your boyfriend discusses other girls in your presence, be it with friends or specifically with you, then you have every moral right to feel resentment. Especially when it comes to someone you don’t know.

Let’s say he tells you about how a girl approached him to meet him, or several employees at work show him signs of attention. This situation has two explanations: a) he is trying to make you jealous, and this is manipulation; b) he hints to you that on your person, the light did not converge like a wedge, and this is really disgusting.

Physical contact is poor

If before you hugged, kissed, and surprised each other in bed, now you hardly touch each other, and often without his desire. This suggests that you are in a crisis. If you are in no doubt about your feelings, start paying attention to the hints your boyfriend leaves.

Unwillingness to physical intimacy may indicate that he no longer wants her with you or already has it with someone else.

He treats you like a friend

If your status in a relationship has suddenly changed, then there is no more reason to doubt – he is no longer interested in you as much as before. There is no flirting, romance, love, and physical intimacy – you are in the friend zone. For a long-term relationship, this process is not so natural, since over time, passion can subside, and love will manifest itself differently.

But if you are dating not so long ago, and you already feel like just a friend, decide for yourself whether to be friends or close the door in front of him.

He gets angry for no reason

An annoyance for no particular reason is a sign that your boyfriend is not satisfied with you. This does not mean that you have to struggle to please him – on the contrary, pay attention to what exactly makes your boyfriend angry.

What did not annoy him before now drives him crazy, leaving you in doubt and guessing about what you did wrong. The most challenging thing is that it is challenging to talk constructively with an embittered person because he may not understand why he reacts in this way to familiar things.

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