10 signs of an intelligent woman

How is a smart woman different from others? She does not try to be comfortable with a man and puts herself first, while a wise lady will adjust to her partner. Today we will tell you how to understand that this is a really smart woman in front of you!

How are they different from the rest and how to tell if a girl is smart? Let’s figure it out.

10 signs of an intelligent woman

1. Smart girls never depend on men

Of course, they like nice guys, but none of them will reason to quit your job, hobbies and forget about yourself. Intelligent ladies put themselves first, so, most likely, they already know what they want from life and men.

They do not associate marriage with success and do not believe that to take place; it is imperative to tie the knot. Such girls never impose themselves on a partner; therefore, they are appreciated and loved.

2. They don’t self-deceive

What’s the point in lying to yourself? An intelligent woman knows perfectly well that sooner or later, the problem will have to be solved, and a lie, even the smallest one, only interferes with this. For example, if a man did not call her after a date, she believes that he is not interested in a relationship.

And by the way, in most cases, it turns out to be right! She does not need to come up with excuses for the young man and to justify him. She will turn her attention to something more important.

3. Smart women don’t turn their lives into drama

They know how to enjoy life, be sad, laugh and cry, living every emotion to the fullest. But this does not mean that girls will delve into the past, remember something bad, and suffer because of it. They know how to leave the past in the past!

4. They found their style and do not experiment with looks

Smart ladies know very well what clothes, haircuts, and makeup suit them. They do not agree to experiments, and they do not pursue fashion.

They have their style, which is in harmony with their inner state. These girls always look great and dress appropriately.

5. Smart girls are very discerning

It is almost impossible to fool them. In addition, they are always tactful and feel if someone is bad. It is not difficult for them to offer help to a person in difficult times, and they know how to rejoice if someone is happy sincerely!

6. They know how to build boundaries

Smart women know how not to violate other people’s boundaries and not let anyone outside their own. They always decide for themselves for whom the frames can be slightly shifted and for whom it is better to keep at a distance.

7. Smart girls know themselves well

They know their body and learn how to take care of them. A smart woman will never drink alcohol or go to bed deep after midnight if she knows that she has an important meeting in the morning and needs to look good.

8. They make plans and carry them out

Smart women make plans, and they consistently achieve their implementation because they know how to analyze information and find ways to solve all the problems that arise. They are honest with themselves and do not set impossible tasks for themselves.

9. Smart women do not live in the past but in the present

They have learned from the past, but they no longer worry about their mistakes and do not feel nostalgic for their departed youth. Smart girls dream based on life experience and live enjoying the present moment!

10. They always remain, women

Smart women enjoy the fact that they are the fair sex. They enjoy life at any age, take flowers and courtship with pleasure, equip their life, chat with girlfriends and go shopping

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