10 signs that people appreciate you

People are used to paying attention only to the negative, for example, if they are not respected. In this case, they immediately determine that someone is trying to belittle them. With respect, on the contrary, everything is much more complicated. Determining that people appreciate you is not so easy because the brain first looks at negative connotations potential threats, and only then at something good. So how do you know that people appreciate you? There are several signs.

10 signs that people appreciate you

1. They seek your advice

Many people try to advise other people without their desire. This is a normal sign of ego and an attempt to seem important, and there is nothing good here. It’s another thing when people come to you for advice, and not once or twice, but regularly.

When people think that any of your advice will be good, it means that they highly appreciate your intelligence, wisdom, and insight.

10 signs that people appreciate you

2. They listen to you

We think many people have noticed how when you tell a story, some people go about their business and ignore the spoken words. It’s not necessarily disrespectful; maybe they’re just not interested or have more important things to do.

But when you see that during your story, all the attention of a person or people is focused on you and that you don’t need to ask him or them, for example, to put the phone away, it speaks of respect for you people appreciate your words.

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It’s not just the silence and the look, but also the body language. A person who really listens and does not pretend, the body seems to freeze until you finish your speech.

3. They don’t discuss you behind your back

Often, if people do not respect you or even treat you neutrally, then you become an object for discussion while you are not around. But a valued person will never become an object of discussion, at least in a bad way.

If you are respected, people can express admiration or discuss something you have done, but without trying to breed rumors. Moreover, whenever someone says something bad about you, people who appreciate you will stand up for you.

10 signs that people appreciate you

4. They respect your personal boundaries

If a person is not respected, they regularly get into his personal life. What difference does it make that he will feel uncomfortable? The main thing is to have fun or satisfy his curiosity. But if you are appreciated, you will not see this violation of boundaries.

If you say “no,” people understand and accept it and do not try to look for workarounds to stick their nose into something else.

5. They want to enter your inner circle

One of the easiest ways to understand that people appreciate you is to look at how much time they spend with you. If no one likes a person, everyone will try to avoid his company and will not want to be alone with him.

And on the contrary, the one who is appreciated is caressed by attention. You may notice that people seem to impose themselves to be with you, sometimes even offering to go somewhere. Moreover, they show that this interest is not fake and that they are not looking for any benefit but sincerely feel affection for you.

6. They politely clash

Conflicts happen even between very close people because there is not a single person who would be identical to your foundations in everything. Therefore, even if you are appreciated and have great respect for yourself, conflicts cannot be avoided.

The difference will be that, no matter how significant the differences maybe, people who appreciate you will never get personal and will not insult you. In addition, they will mostly operate with facts in disputes because they understand that if they deceive you, they can push you away from them.

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In addition, people who appreciate you will try to settle the conflict as soon as possible and initiate its completion.

10 signs that people appreciate you

7. They are honest with you

Whether with a girl, between friends, or colleagues, any relationship can be considered healthy only if people are honest with each other. The more lies, the less respect, because if it doesn’t cost you anything to put noodles on your ears, then it means that you don’t appreciate a person at all, how he will react to your actions when the truth comes out.

On the contrary, if people tell you the truth, even if it is bitter and hard to come by, it shows that you are valuable to them and that it is much more important for them to remain honest with you than to try to hide inconvenient facts, risking a relationship with you.

8. They easily agree to fulfill the request

Often people fulfill some requests out of fear or because of self-doubt. This is easy to understand by the way the action is performed. Another thing is when a person fulfills the request of someone he respects. In this case, the request is carried out with enthusiasm because it is pleasant for him to benefit a respected person.

As for the execution itself, the one who appreciates you will try to provide the service as quickly and efficiently as possible, postponing other things for later. If it does not work out to fulfill the request, he will be sincerely upset.

9. They respect your efforts

Often, actions done for the benefit of someone else are taken for granted and do not cause thoughts of gratitude. Indeed, you will not say thanks to the traffic light that turned on the green signal because this is his job. People who are not respected can even be trampled into the mud for their actions that have benefited others.

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If you are respected, any of your help is perceived as invaluable. In addition, they appreciate the completed action and the time you spent on it. Next time, they feel uncomfortable asking for something because it forces you to waste a valuable resource.

10. They don’t judge you

We all have different preferences, and some of them may go beyond public approval. A person who is not respected may face the condemnation of his lifestyle even to things accepted as normal.

The habits of the person who is valued will not be judged. If we talk about something that negatively affects a person, people who appreciate him will not condemn but try to dissuade him from it, sincerely caring about his future. The same habits that are not harmful but rather unusual for society may even meet with interest because common hobbies will help people become closer.

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