10 things you need much more than a relationship

People attach too much importance to love and relationships while forgetting about important and necessary things. You can meet a beautiful girl who will have common views on life and interests with you and at the same time not feels happy at all. All because your life is too empty, and you have been fixated only on finding a partner for a long time. We’ve collected a few things that you need no less, and maybe even more, than a relationship. First, take care of the presence of the items listed below, and only then think about love.

1. Self-realization

You have to find something to do that will give you the feeling that life has not been lived in vain. It can be your job, hobby, or your favorite business, which can grow into a source of income over time. The main thing is that you realize your inner potential and feel that you are doing something important and necessary. It will fill your life with much more meaning than a relationship.

2. Close friends

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Everyone needs friends who are loyal and understanding. And it’s not their number that matters at all — you don’t have to start your own company or fit into any existing one, you don’t need to constantly increase the list of useful and interesting acquaintances if you don’t have such a desire.

It is enough to have only one person you will always be sure, whom you can call to speak out, who will come to your aid after the first request, and who will not forget about your existence if life takes you to different cities or countries. If you have such friends, you will never feel lonely.

3. Financial independence

You probably adore this feeling: the understanding that you can buy yourself everything you need for a comfortable life. When you don’t need to borrow money from anyone, there is no need to take out a loan or arrange installments, and you don’t even have to save on buying those things or services that you are used to — you feel happy. If you want it to always be like this, become financially independent as soon as possible, not only from your parents.

4. Freedom of choice

You should have freedom of choice: where to live, what to do, what to spend your time on, how to look, etc. When you are deprived of the freedom to choose for some reason or voluntarily refuse such an opportunity, there comes a period of dissatisfaction with your own life. You realize that things are not going exactly the way you want, and you lose motivation to move forward. Always try to make an informed choice to feel in control of your present and future.

5. Self-esteem

10 things you need much more than a relationship

You can’t demand respect from other people until you learn to respect yourself. Cultivate the feeling that you deserve the best, appreciate your time and your strength, be able to say a firm “no”, do not go against yourself, and do not stay close to those who treat you disdainfully. Following these rules, you will be able to raise your self-esteem

and change your life for the better. And others, watching how high you put yourself, will no longer communicate with you disrespectfully.

6. Favorite job

Do not underestimate the importance of this point — after all, you spend most of your day at work and your whole life in principle. And life, unfortunately, is too short to waste it on hating what you do. It’s great if you get paid well and have some advantages in your work, like a friendly team, corporate discounts, or career opportunities.

But think about it: do you like what you’re doing? Be puzzled by the question of finding the company or specialty that will help you realize your potential and allow you to feel that you are involved in something important or interesting.

7. Hobbies

10 things you need much more than a relationship

Even if you have an interesting job and see your loved ones in your free time and try to have fun and have a good rest, your life will not become complete until you find your favorite thing. You should have a hobby, some activity that will make you happy. It can be some sport, creativity or travel. It is a hobby that will help you reboot, replenish energy and feel that you have your own life, which you can fill with what you like.

8. Harmony with yourself

It is impossible to be a happy person and live the life you dreamed of if you are not in harmony with yourself. This is a necessary condition for you to analyze your preferences, abstract from the opinions of others, make decisions that benefit you, and calmly perceive loneliness. Having achieved harmony with yourself, you will become a genuinely self-sufficient person who does not need to seek solace and distraction in other people or run away from reality in any way.

9. Motivation

If you have motivation, then nothing is impossible for you. Think about what exactly makes you work on yourself and achieve your goals. It can be a hobby, communication with certain people, personal development, or a job. Motivation is hard to find, but if you can do it, then nothing will stop you.

10. Good family relations

10 things you need much more than a relationship

Unfortunately or fortunately, the family is not chosen, and you do not always get the set of relatives that would satisfy your expectations. Sometimes, instead of a family that understands and respects your choice, there are people in front of you who, as it seems to you, will never be able to communicate with you in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Instead of giving up on your relatives, try to establish a relationship with them. It is likely that you just need to discuss the cause of your conflicts and agree not to raise those topics in which you have directly opposite points of view. Of course, this does not work in all cases, but it’s still worth trying. After all, a good relationship with your family greatly simplifies your life and helps to avoid unnecessary stress.

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