Casey King weighs 700 pounds: “eating food is my hobby”

In a moving interview, Casey King admits that he cannot even bathe in a closed place and that most of the time he spends time sitting naked, in the company of video games. He weighs 700 pounds, but for Casey King, a man of Georgia of 34 years, that does not matter because in his head only crosses an idea of: “I will eat until I die”.

Casey suffers from morbid obesity and since the problem has worsened, he is in the care of his father. His days are spent wandering naked through the house and in front of a television perfecting his technique for video games.

“A normal day for me is waking up around 12, find something I’m going to eat right away, [and then] TV, video games, bed. There is a lot of activity,” he said in an interview for the chain TLC which narrated the limitations that it must face due to its weight, one of them is not being able to clean in a closed place but it has to do it in the open air “like a pig”.

©YouTube – Casey during his childhood

He has to bathe in a large metal tub in the courtyard of his house, to clean his back, feet and to relieve his physiological needs depends on the help of his father, because his weight is impossible to reach some parts of his body. As he is unemployed, his routine usually starts at noon when he wakes up, eats and then spends the rest of the day watching television, playing video games and eating junk foods.

“I have to sit naked in my room with the door closed because the clothes that exist in my size are not easy to get,” he told the network. It’s hot in Georgia, and all my clothes are tight and restricted, so I feel naked, free and nobody bothers me: the door is closed, we’re fine,” he said.

The virtual community of its video games has become the space that allows it to escape from its daily life because nobody realizes the problems it faces and accept it as it is. “They accept me in all those virtual reality worlds and in the game world I’m in, nobody sees me and I’m safe,” he said. “Nobody sees me, that’s my outside, that’s the world in which I can be the Casey that I want to be, and not be judged by my weight … my life has not been as I thought.”


According to Casey, he was always a “big boy” and weighed around 300 pounds by the end of high school. After graduating, he started working in a couple of restaurants and frequently eat all time. “I probably had about 500 pounds, and I was finding it very hard to work, so I quit my job,” he recalled. Then “My mom said, ‘If you want to live in this house, you have to have a job,’ so she threw me out.” The only place I had left to go was my father’s home, so I went there.

Casey’s weight continued to spiral out of control when he moved in with his father, who offered him favourite foods to please him. “Basically, the only thing I know that makes me feel happy is the food, so we eat like kings, but, in the worst way, pizzas, chicken, Japanese food, take-away,” he sounds.

Although Casey and his father are close, Danny admitted that taking care of his adult son could be frustrating for him. “He gets old, and I get tired of that, he should be more active, but he’s not, he’s just there,” he said. Casey admitted that lately there is a lot of “negativity” between them, so he does not know what will happen.

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