11 blunders that cause you to exist rather than live

Life will not bring you pleasure, even if you have a loved one, friends and family, a good job, and a high salary, and at the same time, there is no time and energy to simply live. If you have a lot of plans and desires that you regularly have to put off until later and every day is painfully similar to the previous one, it’s time for you to change something.

Find resources for proper rest, communication, hobbies, and fun, the main thing is to understand what exactly is preventing you from living a normal life. We have discovered a few mistakes, due to which you are forced to exist in constant stress and alternate a busy schedule with sleep and meals.

You are in touch even on your weekends and holidays

A terrible habit that many, for some reason, praise is to be in touch at any time of the day or night, even when you have a day off or vacation. This is the main reason why you can never relax and forget about work problems.

Come to think of it, even brief replies to colleagues in the general chat, conversations with your boss, and checking email after the end of the working day not only steal precious minutes from you but also the opportunity to focus your attention on something else.

Thinking about work, you will never be able to switch to your hobby, enjoy communication with loved ones, and even more so, take time for fun.

You can’t refuse others

Being kind is great, but it is important to be able to defend your interests. If you have the opportunity to help and at the same time you have all the necessary resources – strength, time, money, desire – do it.

If you understand that your help will turn against you, for example, you have to give up your day off, which you have planned for a long time, in order to replace a colleague, or stay at the office for several hours for a week without paying overtime, then find the strength to refuse. Otherwise, your kindness and lack of personal boundaries will be regularly used by others.

You don’t know how to organize your time

If you do not know how to properly prioritize and organize your time, then you are unlikely to find at least an extra half an hour or an hour a day for yourself. You have everything piled up in a common heap – work, solving domestic and personal problems, and so on. What you do not have time to do is successfully postponed until tomorrow, and a lot of things gradually become immense.

Learn to organize your time, determine what is important to you and what is not, start a diary to schedule your day by the minute, if this will help you dilute the tasks necessary to complete the tasks with interesting plans.

You don’t want to learn to delegate

You are forced to exist, not live, until you learn to delegate at least part of your responsibilities. It is impossible to do everything and always do it yourself – it takes too much time and effort. At some point, you realize that apart from the endless flow of things in your life, there is nothing else.

Learn to trust some tasks to colleagues, subordinates, neighbors, relatives, friends, or a loved one. If you understand that the task does not require special knowledge that only you have, feel free to ask someone around you to replace you.

You don’t like asking for help

The ability to ask for help is one of the most necessary for any person. Stop considering yourself too strong and self-sufficient – yes, it is, but still, you live in a society, and there are people around you whom you would gladly help in any matter. You can also benefit from their support and care.

Just warn your loved ones that you are tired, confused, do not know what to do, you need their attention. By joint efforts, you can solve most problems several times faster, saving yourself from wasting time and effort.

You underestimate the benefits of communication

If you close yourself from communication under the pretext that it does not bring anything useful or pleasant, you are mistaken. For most people, communication is a source of strength and inspiration. Just because of the constant stress and lack of energy, you are trying to give up everything that requires you to be active: listening, participating in conversations, leaving the house.

Remember how many times you did not want to go to a meeting with friends, citing fatigue and a bad mood, and after spending time together, you returned home full of energy. So, perhaps it’s worth making an effort on yourself more often and doing what will benefit you in the long run.

You don’t see the point in hobbies

A hobby is not only an activity that should bring you some benefit. You don’t have to justify spending time on anything, get rid of this habit. You can enjoy playing the guitar after work or trying different cuisines just because you like it. The most important thing in life is to enjoy what you do, and not to look for meaning everywhere.

You don’t know how to organize a good rest

If the word “rest” for you hides the usual lying on the couch, scrolling through social networks, and endlessly watching boring TV shows – bad news, man. You just can’t rest. It’s no wonder that after your attempts to relax, you don’t feel rested. You have to learn how to organize your leisure time: do something that you like, plan meetings and trips, experiment, try something new. This is the only way you can get positive emotions and get rid of the feeling that life is passing you by.

You can’t find the courage to live the life you want

You do not live, but exist, if you have to constantly look at others when making any decisions. Because of the dissatisfaction with what you have, you do not feel truly alive and happy. But you have only one life, and you must live it the way you want first of all. Keep this in mind the next time you have to choose what to do.

You don’t try to figure out what you like

You will never find yourself, your interests, your circle of friends, your favorite job, if you do not try to understand what you like and what you don’t. And for this, you will have to try a lot and often everything new and unknown.

No hobby – go to an open guitar lesson, buy puzzles, schedule a drawing class, sign up for boxing. No friends – accept a colleague’s offer to attend his birthday, agree to see old acquaintances, find an interest group on social networks. You will find yourself only through trial and error, so start acting.

You are afraid that you don’t have time for something

You can live with the constant feeling that you are not doing enough or that you are moving too slowly towards your goals. This is a fairly common phenomenon, and you are not the only one suffering from this.

But remember – there is no time frame in achieving what you want. You have nowhere to rush, so stop comparing yourself to other people and try to slow down a bit so that you can start enjoying life.

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