12-years-old Ghanaian-Belgium died of coronavirus

The emergency center could not hear the call of the family of a 12-year-old girl, and the neighbor help and brought her to the emergency. Twelve-year-old Rachel’s health suddenly deteriorated at home on Monday.

The girl’s family of Ghanaian descent called the emergency center, but the panic made the call unintelligible. No ambulance was dispatched. Finally, a neighbor took the girl to the emergency. It was a shock after the news of the death of twelve-year-old Rachel, a girl with Ghanaian roots from Ghent [a city and a municipality in the Flemish Region of Belgium]. Rachel died on Monday from the effects of the coronavirus and is the youngest known Covid-19 victim in the world.

According to Belgium news media, the family doctor had advised the family that the girl should be at home. The days after that, Rachel was doing much better too. But on Monday she suddenly became very ill and had a fever.

The family, who don’t have their car, panicked and called the emergency center for an ambulance. The caller could not understand the confusing call and tried to call back three more times, without success. When the ambulance did not show up, a neighbor took the family to the hospital. Unfortunately, the girl would die there.

According to HLN, the family panicked and called the emergency number 101, but the caller didn’t understand the message. “The emergency center tried to call back three times but got no answer. The call, which came from Ghent, was reheard three or four times but remained unintelligible. The local police were sent on the spot, but by then, the child was already gone.”

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