17 annoying things boyfriends do

Many ladies dream of seeing a prince on a white horse or, at the very least, a gentleman in every way. Some things, however, can annoy a woman, even if you has the most attractive look.

1. Get drunk

17 annoying things boyfriends do

There is nothing objectionable if a man drinks a little in the company of friends or at any holiday. Being tipsy, he will relax, flash with wit, and even amuse the company. But it’s another matter if a person is very drunk, talks nonsense, or “rests” on a chair, hanging his head. This will not please not only women but also others present.

2. Be convinced that only a woman should cook

In today’s world, this stereotype is beginning to look simply absurd. Women have seriously and for a long time stood on a par with men – they wear trouser suits, drive cars, earn money, establish companies. So why are only women required to cook?

A strong floor is just as good at cooking. The main thing is the presence of desire and the absence of an outdated stereotype. To get the latest stories, install our app here

3. Look at other ladies

17 annoying things boyfriends do

Only men think that women do not notice their glances towards other ladies. They always see how you look at a beauty passing by in a miniskirt. If you do not want her to be disappointed in you, be kind, do not do it in front of her.

4. Not doing your part of the housework

Often household duties are conditionally divided between a man and a woman. For example, she covers dinner after work, and you help the child with homework. Only it is unnecessary to blame everything on her fragile female shoulders. To get the latest stories, install our app here

5. Watch only the movies you like

17 annoying things boyfriends do

Most often, boyfriends prefer action movies and films about cars. Of course, it’s okay if you sometimes watch what you like. But it doesn’t have to be systematic. Therefore, when buying cinema tickets again, choose some melodrama. Your girlfriend will appreciate such a gesture.

6. Talk only about yourself

Of course, a girl who is interested in you will be interested in hearing your story about yourself. But this should not be the main topic of the date. Excessive self-love and confidence that others want to listen to you constantly praise yourself are far from positive qualities.

7. Disrupt upcoming events and plans

When you constantly disrupt upcoming events and plans at the last moment, the girl will be unhappy and other people with whom you are dealing, and it isn’t very pleasant for the people around. If nothing extremely important happens, pull yourself together and bring the work you have started to the end. To get the latest stories, install our app here

8. Give her too little time

Everyone is free to manage their time as they see fit. However, there is a reasonable limit to everything. Instead of the third weekend in a row with friends, make time for your loved one.

9. Unwashed dishes on the table or in the sink

17 annoying things boyfriends do

No woman will be delighted with a mountain of unwashed dishes, the remnants of food on which have already begun to dry out. If you wash it, then nothing terrible will happen, and she will not be upset. To get the latest stories, install our app here

10. Don’t go grocery shopping

Don’t let her be the woman who “drags the mammoth home” to cook dinner. Go to the store with her or buy all the necessary products yourself. She will kindly give you a list.

11. Snoring at night

17 annoying things boyfriends do

Of course, a person cannot control himself in a dream. But if you know you snore in a certain position, just change it.

12. Not knowing where your things are

You yourself must know where and what you have. And believe me, there is no single woman obsessed with the desire to hide things from you constantly.

13. Leave rubbish behind and do not close cabinets, lids

Trim your nails or shave? Clean up after yourself right away. Firstly, the leftover lumps will only irritate her, and secondly, this is generally not aesthetically pleasing. Don’t forget to close the shampoo lid or cabinet door behind you. To get the latest stories, install our app here

14. Taking a toilet for a long time

Of course, situations are different, but it is unlikely that you have such problems with your stomach, because of which you can spend up to half an hour in the restroom.

15. Ignore sickness

17 annoying things boyfriends do

Some men believe that only weaklings drink medicines, and doubtful symptoms of diseases will go away on their own. Believe me, if your head hurts, it is enough to take the drug, and the pain will go away, and if the symptoms bother you, it is better to visit a doctor on time than to deal with the unpleasant consequences of ignoring them later. To get the latest stories, install our app here

16. Smell your clothes before putting them on

First of all, it looks unpleasant from the outside. Why sniff her? If things are washed, they will smell fresh. But if you’ve been wearing them for a few days, put them in the laundry basket.

17. Hungry to eat, grab and squeeze while eating

Eating neatly is, first of all, a sign of good breeding. Our parents taught us to eat as quietly as possible, even in childhood. Try to have lunch in front of a mirror and evaluate yourself from the outside. You must be pleasant to yourself while eating and not look ignorant in front of others.

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