19 pregnant women released from several “baby factories” in Nigeria

Nigerian police have released 19 pregnant women in Lagos from houses described as “baby factories”. Most of the women had been abducted “to get them pregnant and sell the babies,” according to a police statement.

Two women who worked in these places as untrained nurses were arrested, but the main suspect is on the run. The police said the babies would be sold for $1,400 for boys and $830 for girls.

She added that children should be trafficked, but it is not known who the potential buyers were and where they were. Cases of alleged “baby factories” are not uncommon in Nigeria.

There have been several raids in the past, including one last year, which rescued 160 children. This time, four children were rescued.

The rescued women, aged 15 to 28, had been lured to Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, from different parts of the country, with the promise of a job. But they were then detained in the properties and raped.

“A woman came to pick me up at the bus station and brought me here,” one of the rescued people told Vanguard newspaper. “The next day, I was summoned by our madam, who told me that I would not leave until next year,” she said.

“So far, I have slept with seven different men before I found out that I was pregnant, and they told me that after giving birth, I would be well paid.” The women and children have now been relocated and are being rehabilitated, the police said.

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