20 to 41 years in prison for men who had sex with farm animals

“This is the most disgusting and filthy behavior I have ever seen.” That is what American judge Paul E. Cherry said when he sentenced three men 20 to 41 years in prison who had sex with horses, dogs, a goat a cow on an improvised farm in Munson, Pennsylvania.

Matthew Brubaker (31), Terry Wallace (41) and Marc Measnikoff (34) were arrested in the summer of last year after a teenager who forced them to help them went to the police. The boy (16) had to hold the animals while the men had sex with them.

9 horses

The three were accused of 730 criminal acts of sex with animals, 730 cases of animal abuse and endangering the well-being of a child. The facts involved 9 horses, a cow, a goat, and an unknown number of dogs.

The trio abused the animals in a specially made loft. The police found during a house search “a large number of home-made videos, recording material and cameras”. According to prosecutor William Shaw Jr., it was one of the most extreme cases of animal abuse he had ever seen and the images the men made of their illegal activities were “burned” to him. “They will stay with me for the rest of my life,” it sounded.

Brubaker confessed that he had sex with the horses, the cow, the goat, and his own dog. Measnikoff said he had sex with the horses, but not with the dogs.

All three accused received a prison sentence of 20 to 41 years. Their lawyers called it “out of proportion” because they all had a blank criminal record.

Animal protection

The teenager who lived on the farm and raised the alarm was taken into protective custody. He himself was not abused. The animal protection organization took care of the abused animals and sought a new home for them.

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