2018: Facebook earned over 250 million dollars in political advertising

Facebook has earned 250 million dollars in revenue from political ads in the United States in the last six months. That shares the social network today. With the $250 million, about 1.7 million advertisements have been paid to support a candidate in the elections, to win support for a measure that is on the ballot, or to address a “problem of national importance”, Facebook says.

T he is the first Facebook report on the subject. The issue is sensitive since it came to light that the presidential elections were manipulated via social networks.

Facebook had promised to provide a tool to retrieve the archives of various political ads published in the US on Facebook and Instagram, which will be updated weekly.

A support committee of the Democratic parliamentarian Beto O’Rourke (‘Beto for Texas’) spent the highest amount: 5.4 million dollars for 6,024 advertisements. O’Rourke takes on Texas in the half-time elections against Republican Ted Cruz.

Trump second place
Secondly, President Donald Trump’s support committee is ‘Make America Great Again’, with $3.1 million spending on 50,148 messages. Trump comes back in tenth place with the support committee ‘Donald J. Trump for president’, this time for $ 1.6 million and 55,998 ads. The two committees, together with that money, bought more than 100,000 advertisements in six months, more than anybody.

By comparison, Facebook earned $13 billion in revenue from advertising globally in the second quarter.

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