21 things to be removed from the apartment right now

A clean house is a clean mind. And yet, our home is sometimes loaded with a bunch of unnecessary things.

There is a link between a cluttered home and depression.

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself or focus because you live among many unnecessary things, this article will help you.

You can take many things out of your home right now that will immediately make you feel better.

It’s worth starting small.

1. Old technique

If you are not a collector, then you hardly need a broken VCD or computer, a stack of floppy disks, or even CDs. You may have fond memories of some of these things, but don’t let the nostalgia turn your apartment into a dump. Feel free to get rid of unnecessary equipment.

Before you throw out your old laptop or phone, back up important information, and then delete everything of value stored in these gadgets.

2. Duplicated printed photos

Similar photos can be removed. There is a chance that a whole photo album of unnecessary, comparable, or not the best images will be collected.

3. Expired cosmetics

Shampoo bottles and cream jars tend to flood the bathroom. Review regularly and throw away funds that have expired. This will help organize the space of the bathroom more rationally and protect your health.

If there are funds that simply did not suit you among the cosmetic blockages, you can give them to friends or donate.

4. Expired medicines

You’d be surprised how many expired pills, ointments, and various liquids can be stored in your home medicine cabinet. Learn everything and get rid of unnecessary things

5. Books

It’s not about timeless classics, but about a useless waste paper that takes up an area. Any store booklets, university notes, tabloids, and self-help books that never work should be thrown into the trash.

6. Old new year decorations

Probably, you often thought that you would use even the oldest, torn, partially broken jewellery, but this is not the case.

7. clothing

The wardrobe, as well as the library and cosmetics collection, is worth inspecting periodically. There is a well-known rule that you need to throw away things that you have not worn for a year – you are unlikely to wear them again. Of course, you also need to get rid of spoiled, lost former appearance, and just uncomfortable clothes.

8. Old vacuum cleaner and/or accessories/parts for it

You have long wanted to get rid of it, but he or parts of it are still lying around the apartment.

9. Kitchen spices

Most spices can be stored safely for several years. But not forever. If you don’t remember when you bought this or that seasoning (and besides, it does not have a normal package with this information), it is better to get rid of it. Again, free up space on the kitchen shelves.

10. Old keys

You don’t even know what they are from! Which of these do you keep in your home, and what would you like to get rid of?

11. Shoes you haven’t worn in five years

Your shoes should fit well and look presentable. Otherwise, donate it to those in need

12. Paper products

Here we are not talking about books, but about endless flyers, unnecessary business cards, old invoices (which should be digitized before throwing away), shoeboxes and equipment, as well as deposits of used wrapping paper, which, frankly, you will be ashamed to let go into the case for the second time.

If a separate waste collection is organized in your city or yard, all this stuff can be collected together and sent to the appropriate container. So both the house and the nature will be better.

13. Opened bottles

Alcohol doesn’t last forever. Strong drinks have a longer shelf life – about two years.

Uncorked wine bottles are another matter. Red wines should be drunk within two weeks of opening the bottle. White wine should be used within three days.

14. Old training equipment

There is no reason to pass up good clothing or accessories, but sports equipment will wear out faster.

For example, sports bras should be changed every six months. The running shoe lasts about eight months. Things like yoga mats and water bottles can be used for several years before it’s time to update them.

15. Old pillows

A pillow, like almost anything, has a limited life. If it has lost its shape, this is not a reason to take it to hide it in a closet – it is better to throw it away. Even with an old fighting friend, close to your heart, you need to part – it will be at least more hygienic.

16. Unused handicraft items

Knitting is a great stress reliever, so you’ve had a period where you immersed yourself in it but haven’t touched yarns and knitting needles/hooks in months. Either you knit, or you don’t. Better donate these materials.

17. Unnecessary kitchen utensils

Cracked or ugly mugs that you don’t use, leaky travel containers, containers without lids, and any duplicate tools take up space in your kitchen. If you have a small one, then continuing to keep this stuff is just a crime.

18. Old towels

You can cut them up to use as rags or donate them to local animal shelters, which always need them as bedding.

19. Plastic bags

You know that they cannot be thrown away, so their number is constantly increasing. It is better to collect them all and throw them in the plastic bin, where the plastic will go for recycling. Start using reusable bags.

20. Old batteries

They should also be disposed of in a separate electronics container. It is better to accumulate several old batteries at once, place them in a plastic bottle and throw them away.

21. Dust collector accessories

Some cute little things are precious as a memory, but most of the magnets and figurines you probably got as a gift (and you don’t even remember from whom).

Feel free to throw out all this meaningless decor. You can decorate a refrigerator without the help of banal magnets, and decorating the shelves of an open rack is better with correct rather than random accessories

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