3-year-old calm himself with 2 bottles of alcoholic beer daily

Drink Responsibly! 18+ is not applicable to a 3-year-old boy, who drinks 2 bottles of alcoholic beer to calm himself every day. The two bottles of beer didn’t influence the little boy nor get drunk, as revealed by his mother.

In a bizarre video, from the southeast part of Nigeria, a 3-year-old boy was seen taking a bottle of alcoholic beer while squirting on the ground. He is seen drinking the alcoholic beer “Hero” gradually while mopping at the cameraman.

According to the video, some group of men was interrogating the mother of the child and she kept saying that the child likes taking at least “two bottles of beers daily”. Failure to meet his need by providing at least 2 bottles of alcoholic beer will result in crying all day.

During the interview, the mother explains that the boy started taking beers at an early stage, usually 2 bottles. She further explained that beer doesn’t control him after taking it. In the local dialect “Igbo language” the cameraman shouted ‘only him is taking bottles of “Hero”(A brand of alcoholic beer drink in Nigeria) and not a Star(another brand), while another male voice from the background said “Anwu amu (unbelievable Ed)”

3-year-old calm himself with 2 bottles of alcoholic beer daily

The mother of the child was complaining about how she needs to give her 3-year-old baby 2 bottles of alcoholic beer daily for him to be calm and not throw tantrums!

What level of ignorance is worse than this! I wonder who came up with the genius idea to give a crying child a bottle of beer in the first instance.

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  1. This is addiction on display. He is only a baby and if anyone understands how addiction works, he will go through withdrawal symptoms if not fed. Both Mum and baby need help asap to beat this problem. Does anyone know where they are based?

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