Why you should give priority to your spouse over your children

When you got married, spending time with your partner was the greatest joy for you. But a few years later, that probably changed.

Neglecting a partner is the most common mistake that married couples make. Until suddenly, the connection between them is completely lost.

Men usually prioritise their professional and social life, and women start neglecting their husbands as soon as the children arrive. But you fell in love because you spent time together, and if it stops, the relationship will break down.

Most women ruin their marriage by putting their children first and neglecting their partner. And it is completely understandable since raising children is very demanding. And today, we feel somewhat guilty if we do not take care of our children much.

But in reality, modern men and women are more concerned with their children than ever before. And nowadays working mothers spend more time with their children than mothers a generation ago.

But all these hours do not help so much. Because what children need is to see their parents happy together. This inspires them to learn the skills they will need

to have healthy relationships in the future.

Be the right role model for your children because it teaches them your values and helps them appreciate how hard adults need to work. Then, take care of yourself and spend time with your partner. Because when the kids go to bed, your husband still wants to see the woman he fell in love with.

Wondering when you gave your last kiss? How often do you hold hands? Do you laugh together? Talking about what you like in bed?

So while you are both at home, sit down and spend a few minutes together. Then, tell the children to do something else and sit together to enjoy each other’s company. You will soon feel more relaxed, and this will be passed on to your children.

And give priority to your love life. Act on even the most fleeting impulses, and make sure you create opportunities to keep your passion burning. Because being happy together has an impact on the whole family.

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