30-year-old woman loses fingers after mistaking dynamite for a candle

A woman from Connecticut lost some fingers after she accidentally lit a rod of dynamite on Thursday night.

The woman was looking for a candle to light up her house during a blackout but accidentally used the explosive. The woman and her family did not know that explosives were hidden in their home.

In the US state of Connecticut, a 30-year-old mother sustained severe burns after she set a rod of dynamite on fire. A severe thunderstorm caused an electrical storm on Thursday night. The woman went into the cellar looking for candles to light the house.

“Terrible bang”

The young family lived in the home for only a few months. There the previous occupant had left a box of candles, or they thought that anyway. The woman lit one of the candles but then discovered in a tragic way that she had an explosive in her hands. The bar exploded immediately and caused a “terrible bang” according to the neighbors.

According to the fire department, the woman sustained severe burns in her face and lost a few fingers. She was immediately taken to the local hospital.

30-year-old woman loses fingers after mistaking dynamite for a candle

The man and two young children of the woman were also present in the house at the moment of the explosion. They did not suffer any injuries. The young family just came back from vacation.

Although it is illegal to own dynamite or fireworks in Connecticut, the family will not be prosecuted. They did not know that they were in possession of explosives before the accident itself.

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